Good Health Is God’s Gift – To Keep Yourself Fit Is The Gift For Your Family
We Think Beyond – We Give-Back

healthcare nt sickcare, Pune’s Own Growing Medical Laboratory Testing & Services Firm, focusing on preventive health checkups since 2009. We Offer, 7 Exclusive PREVENTIVE HEALTH PACKAGES, 4 COMPREHENSIVE ALLERGY CHECKUPS, 2 DETAILED CANCER MARKERS, 3 INFECTIOUS DISEASES PACKAGES  & 16 PROFILED TEST PACKAGES For Various Diseases or Disorders. Our journey was not easy but it always blessed with love & courage given by every those unknown beneficiary of Pune society we silently served. Know here, how we termed Give-Back…

In our social commitment, we share a small part of our quarterly profit to organize free health services, mainly to Old Age Homes, Unorganized Sex Worker’s Groups & Any Social Groups Committed towards Social Well-Beings. Since 2009 we actively involved to associate ourselves with such organizations those extend support to above social categories and its always in our urge to be associated to help society. We are delighted to express, healthcare nt sickcare organized more than 20 free health camps in Pune city & served 1500+ beneficiaries under this social initiative.

Any social contributions need passion and commitments, above on commercial interest, we are thankful to our core business team for actively committed themselves in every such occasion and their personal involvements in every such event. We are also thankful for the support extended by our clientele for every such given-back occasions.

Gallery – A picture says 1000 words, It always easy to list images of our own but we express to list those images where we involved. We listed few of those images from our free social health camps were our team members involved & served. It is always inspirational for us to browse this gallery and every time its give us immense motivation to grow further.

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