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healthcare nt sickcare is an automated online medical laboratory that provides a wide range of services to patients in India. Our website, healthcarentsickcare.com, offers convenient online lab testing, home collection facility, and access to informative health articles. healthcare nt sickcare serving patients and their families with our website where they can ask questions about health care and receive answers.

Clinical Laboratory Testing Services Online

Our online medical laboratory testing service allows patients to book lab tests online and receive results electronically. We offer a variety of tests, including blood tests, urine tests, and diagnostic imaging. Patients can choose the tests they need, and our secure platform ensures that their personal information and test results are kept confidential.

Home Collection Facility for Specimen Collection

For those who prefer the convenience of home testing, we offer a home collection facility. Our trained phlebotomists will come to your home or workplace to collect the samples, making the process more convenient and less stressful for patients.

Informative Health Articles

In addition to our clinical laboratory testing services, we also provide access to informative health articles. These articles cover a variety of health-related topics, from diseases-disorders, medical lab testing, diet, wellness, health care and nutrition to disease prevention and treatment. Our aim is to empower patients with the knowledge they need to take control of their health and well-being.

Affordable Healthcare Services to Patients

At healthcare nt sickcare, we are committed to providing high-quality, affordable healthcare services to patients across India. With our online clinical laboratory (pathology laboratory) testing, home collection facility, and informative health articles, we aim to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for everyone.

  • Online Medical Laboratory

    We understand the importance of accurate and timely lab results in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions. That's why we have made it easy and convenient for you to access our lab services from the comfort of your own home.

    Our state-of-the-art laboratory is staffed by experienced and highly qualified professionals who use the latest technology to ensure accurate and reliable results. We offer a wide range of tests, including blood chemistry, haematology, urinalysis, microbiology, immunology, coagulation, molecular diagnostics, etc.

  • Home Collection Facility

    We are a leading online provider of diagnostic testing services. Our mission is to provide high-quality healthcare solutions to our customers. Book your lab test today and get your results in as little as 24 hours. Simply order your test online, visit one of our collection centres, and receive your results electronically.

    We offer a wide range of lab services including blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, and more.

  • Patient Walk-in Facility

    We have been providing quality service since 2007. We are committed to offering the best customer experience. Patients can walk-in to our laboratory and avail affordable lab test services. Get accurate and reliable lab results from the comfort of your own home with healthcare nt sickcare.

    Our online medical laboratory services include blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, and more. Order your lab test today and receive your results in as little as 24 hours.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Kevin A
in the last week

Had a seameless experience during my last visit to India with healthcarentsickare from collection to delivery of reports. Will recommend them to all my friends for their blood tests.

renju raj
3 months ago

I had a great experience. The team was really cooperative and punctual.The charge very nominal rates for the test and gives genuine report.Thank you 🙏

Shashikant Tandale
3 months ago

Dedicated /efficient/Medical expertise advice/ home service too is great commitment. Relieves from any related worries. I must thank for quick responce and service.

Abhishek Bal
5 months ago

Pleased with the promptness and care provided by Health nt Sickcare. Especially Nivedita madam is very courteous and explains the process in a very efficient and easy way