Collection: Affordable Full Body Health Checkup Packages

Invest in your health today with our preventive full body checkup packages, priced Rs. 849 to Rs. 6500. Each panel is designed by experts to screen vitals, risk factors, deficiency, and disease markers systematically.
Basic includes 30+ blood, urine, scans assessing diabetes, CBC, kidney, thyroid, nutrients etc. Smart Deals have tailored junior/senior profiles. TruHealth offers upgraded cancer checks. Whole Health is advanced with 80+ tests and doctor consultation. Comprehensive goes deeper with 100+ exams cardiologist review.
Affordable pricing unchanged since 2007 reflects our commitment. Phlebotomists can collect samples from home for convenience if bill over Rs. 999. Reports in 48 hours. Book your preferred package online and call 9766060629 for discounts or any queries!
Full Body Health Checkup Packages Basic to Comprehensive

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