Total IgE Test


Serum IgE Test

Note: Read test details and conditions before proceed to book

1) Home Visit Collection Facility Available Only For Total Test Charges =>₹499.00.
2) We Serve Only in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad City Limits.
3) Additional Charges For Serving Outside Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad City Limits. (With in Pune)
4) Collection Service Time For Home Visit Facility Should Be Between 7.30am & 9.00am.
5) Service Time For Direct-Walkin Should be after 9.00am till 6pm (Monday-Saturday). Sunday from 9.00am to 1.30pm.

Serum IgE Total

Serum IgE Test – Immunoglobulins E Immunoassay Blood test helps to check whether an individual is having normal or abnormal levels of IgE in the blood.

Why this test is performed?

The doctor may ask you to undergo this test if you are suffering from symptoms such as delayed walking, skin discoloration, decreased mental development, pain in bones, loss of appetite, constipation, etc. This test is also done if an individual is suffering from recurrent infections such as skin infections, kidney damage, respiratory infections, parasite infections, etc.

If an individual is on the treatment for the immunodeficiency Immune system to fight against infections is absent or not working then the doctor may ask to perform this test to evaluate and to check the effectiveness of the treatment.

How often this test should be performed?

If you have been diagnosed with immunodeficiency, your doctor may advise you to get this test done once in a year based on your clinical condition. If you are a healthy individual above the age of 35, your doctor may advise you to undergo this test either on a yearly basis or every other year.

Serum IGE Test



  • Overnight fasting is not required
  • Doctor’s prescription may be needed
  • The normal references range may vary depending on gender, age, health history, etc.
  • Advised for male and female above 35yrs
  • Rheumatoid factor can give rise to false-positive results
  • Also advised for allergy detection

Also known as, Serum IgE Test, Serum IgE Total, Total IgE Immunoassay Blood, Immunoglobulin E, Serum IgE, Total IgE

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  1. Vivek Nair

    I received a home service for a blood test on Sunday. I am very satisfied with the service.

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