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Gastroenteritis Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:49 am

Gastroenteritis is a type of viral stomach flu that causes inflammation of the stomach and small intestine, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. According to the Mayo Clinic, those infected may have abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms can last for up to a week or more.

When a person has diarrhea and vomiting, he or she might say that they have the stomach flu. These signs are usually caused by a condition called gastroenteritis. In gastroenteritis, the intestines get inflamed and irritated. It is commonly caused by a viral or bacterial infection.

What is Gastroenteritis?

People who are middle-aged regularly fall prey to a typical issue that is associated with the stomach. Stomach inconvenience or gastroenteritis is an aggravation or inflammation of the coating of the stomach. There can be various reasons that can lead to this issue, but most of the time it is caused by similar microscopic organisms that reason most stomach ulcers or cramps. Your own or family’s wellbeing history, physical examination, and a specific test might analyze severe gastritis.

Gastroenteritis Symptoms

The major signs and symptoms of Gastroenteritis include vomiting and diarrhea. A person might also have a fever, cramping, stomach pain, headache, and nausea. Because of vomiting and diarrhea, a person can also become dehydrated. Signs of dehydration include dry skin, feeling light-headed, frequent thirst, or having a dry mouth leading to overall weakness and drop-in blood pressure. Gastroenteritis also attacks the intestines. Depending on the cause, these signs and symptoms may become visible in less than one to three days after a person is infected and could range from mild to severe.

Gastroenteritis Causes

There are many ways through which gastroenteritis can develop and spread. They include contaminated food or water, physical contact with the person who is infected with a virus or bacteria, not using soap after changing the diaper or using the washroom, coming in direct contact with human excreta, etc. The most common cause of gastroenteritis in children is being infected with Rotavirus. This infection is usually caused when they put the contaminated objects or their fingers into their mouth. Grown-ups infected with Rotavirus might not have symptoms as compared to infants or children but carry the virus with them.

Another possibility is the infection with norovirus in both children and grown-ups, which is the common reason for food-borne illness worldwide. The norovirus infection could sweep through families and communities. In most cases, a person picks up the virus from polluted water or food. Person-to-person transmission is possible.

Risk Factors Gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis affects people of every age, background and race all over the world. People who might be prone to gastroenteritis include young children because of their weaker immune system, older adults who take care for the sick, people who interact with the sick individuals like nurses or pathologists, or adults having a weak immune system because of some disease.

Gastroenteritis Diagnosis

Gastroenteritis is diagnosed based on the symptoms. Physical examination and stool tests are used to determine the type of infection.

Upper endoscopy is the technique by which an endoscope, which is a thin tube containing a little camera, is embedded through your mouth into the stomach to investigate the stomach lining. A specialist may likewise counsel a man to experience some blood tests to decide if he/she is iron deficient. Different tests may incorporate the fecal mysterious blood test. Normally, acid neutralizers and different medications, for example, proton pump inhibitors or H2 blockers, are used to lessen corrosion in the stomach.

A man experiencing gastritis will constantly be exhorted by a specialist to stop eating hot and zesty food with lots of spice. On the off chance that gastroenteritis is caused by a disease that is created by H.pylori, he will, mostly, be recommended various anti-microbial together with a corrosive blocking drug. B12 vitamin shots are probably going to be given if gastroenteritis is caused by noxious pallor. It will likewise befit for a man experiencing stomach cramps to abstain from aggravating food items like dairy products which have lactose and wheat which has gluten.

Gastroenteritis Treatment

When caused by bacteria, antibiotics can be used for treatment, but with viral gastroenteritis, there is no cure available. Viral Gastroenteritis just settles back to normal on its own. For recovery, one should follow the diet plan as prescribed by the doctor, which includes very light solid food and fluids only to relieve the stomach from unnecessary burden for some time. Analgesics can also be prescribed. For the prevention of gastroenteritis, maintaining good hygiene and vaccination are the most useful options.

Medications, for example, H2 blockers are a class of medicines that work by limiting the amount of corrosion delivered by the stomach. At the point when an H2 receptor blocker consumes the active ingredients contained inside this medication, it goes to specific regions of the stomach cells. These blockers restrain the corrosive discharging cells in the stomach from responding to histamine. H2 blockers keep peptic ulcers from showing up once more. More often than not, the H2 blockers are immediately consumed by the body to give quick alleviation to the feeble states of peptic ulcer.

It is recommended by doctors that people who are severely allergic to H2 blocker receptors should avoid taking them in order to prevent any life-threatening reactions.

Gastroenteritis Post Treatment Tips

Depending on the seriousness of your case, the recovery period of your treatment can range from a week to 4 weeks. If your gastroenteritis is mainly because of indigestion, you can also get better in a day provided you take the required medicine on time.

Post-treatment tips for gastroenteritis include taking your medication as prescribed by your doctor regularly and on time. Keep a check if you are taking any anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers by mistake, as that may aggravate the chances of heartburn. You need to exercise regularly, but avoid exercises that are stressful. Ensure to keep a tab on your diet. Avoid alcohol, greasy or fried foods, spicy foods, carbonated drinks, and other citrus fruits or their juices. Keep yourself hydrated at all times by drinking water and other oral hydration solutions.

Gastroenteritis Home Remedies

The alternative treatments of gastroenteritis are several home remedies that are readily available in the kitchen. These are potato juice (have potato juice pre-meal thrice a day to cure your problem of stomach gas), charcoal (having a charcoal tablet before and after your meals which will help in reducing the issues of acidity and gas), turmeric (have turmeric mixed with milk every day to get the desired results), ginger (good for treating the gastric problem and indigestion), baking soda (it works as an effective antacid and gives instant relief when you have it mixed with water on an empty stomach), apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, cardamom, and onion.


There is no treatment that will permanently cure the problem of gastroenteritis. The only way to keep your gastritis at bay is by avoiding spicy, greasy, dairy, fried foods, and foods that are rich in sugar. Eat meals small in portion and chew them well before swallowing. Do not stay on an empty stomach for a long time.

Though there are various treatment options for gastroenteritis, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before going for any treatment.

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