Since healthcare nt sickcare established in 2007, the most frequent question we faced is ‘why the name healthcare nt sickcare?’ and our answers were always simple, we serve to make you healthy more than to care you in sickness. There are lots of questions we faced since we established our preventive health check model in 2009 and its not been easy to list everything so we summarize the most asked questions here. Compare & Choose Health Checkup Packages Here.

Mоѕt dіѕеаѕеѕ or disorers саn be prevented оr сurеd if уоu аddrеѕѕ thе issue еаrlу. It саn also mаkе уоu fееl mоrе еnеrgеtіс аnd more functional thrоughоut уоur everyday activities, аѕ іt hеlрѕ уоu maintain уоur health. It іѕ nо secret thаt medical care саn be vеrу еxреnѕіvе, so рrеvеntіvе hеаlthсаrе саn dеfіnіtеlу help уоu ѕаvе a lot оf money.

Our health is our investment. Taking care of our health is utmost important. But in our daily life, we keep on looking for excuses to not visit healthcare canter. Be it for saving money or for other reasons like ‘I am too young and healthy to go to a doc’, ‘I don’t have time today; may be next week, I’ll get an appointment…”, we keep on ignoring our health. We do not understand the fact that performing regular health check –ups from young age can actually save you. Saving some rupees today by ignoring periodic check-ups, we increase the risk of occurrence of several health issues in future.

Yes.we require prescription if you approaching us after doctor’s laboratory test advice. We may still ask you for doctor’s prescription for few tests which can’t be undertake without doctors note. Doctor prescription is not mandatory for most of our preventive health checkup packages.

Few tests required 10-12hrs complete overnight fasting. You can have plenty of water but no hard drink or food. We request to confirm with us before undergoing test (s).

Our test reporting system is complete cloud based.You will get intimation over SMS and email once you do test with us.Once your complete report ready, you will again noticed with a SMS and email.You can the link provided in the intimation and use login credentials to open the reports.Hard copy of the report is an option, you can either collect the hard copies from our laboratory on working hrs with prior intimation or we will couriered it to your given address.

Yes, we charge nominal one time fees of ₹80 upto 10km radius from our location and ₹130 for above 10km radius from our location. This charge will include report hard copy delivery and for per visit basis.

Our test results are fully authentic and widely accepted by medical practitioners since 2009. We ensure our reports cross checked with multiple testing and with NABL certified laboratories if required. We regularly update our QC standard with the machineries we use and also testing agents.

Please check the links for our refund & cancellation policy on website and app.

Unfortunately, we don’t serve out of pune city limits currently. We certainly look beyond pune and in future will come up in other Indian cities also.

We have highly qualified doctors, business heads, processing and office staff with more than 10yrs experience in individual fields so that we serve on what we say.