Collection: VitalCare Health Packages

Our VitalCare category offers comprehensive test profiles to assess health conditions and body systems. Includes VitalCare Profile (44 tests), Diabetes, Heart, Kidney, and Liver test panels.

Book conveniently online. NABL accredited labs ensure accurate results in 6-48hrs. Home phlebotomy for orders above ₹999. 15+ years of experience in reliable diagnostics reporting as per ISO 9001:2015 standards. Monitor health proactively with our specialized test packages.

Test profiles covered in this category;
  • VitalCare Health Checkup (44 Blood and Urine Tests)
  • VitalCare Diabetes
  • VitalCare Heart
  • VitalCare Kidney
  • VitalCare Liver

Explore our VitalCare category and take proactive steps towards monitoring and maintaining your health. Trust healthcare nt sickcare to provide comprehensive and reliable testing services, backed by years of experience and a commitment to patient care.

Vital Care healthcare nt sickcare

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