Collection: Hormonal Imbalance Tests

Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate nearly every bodily function. An imbalance can cause widespread symptoms like fatigue, low libido, weight gain, depression, hot flashes, and insomnia.

Our comprehensive hormone panel checks key hormones produced by the thyroid, adrenal glands, ovaries/testes, pancreas, and pituitary gland. Understanding where your imbalance stems from empowers you to correct it naturally or with bioidentical hormones.

We test T3, T4, TSH for thyroid function, cortisol, DHEA-S and aldosterone for adrenal function, estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone for sex hormones, insulin for blood sugar regulation, and FSH, LH for pituitary signalling.

Hormonal Imbalance Tests at healthcare nt sickcare

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