Cancer Test For Females (CANFE)

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Cancer Test For Ladies

CANFE – Early Cancer Detection and Preventive Cancer Marker for Females – 6 Tests

This Cancer Test For Females is ideal for women between 21-80 years of age. If you have a family history of or have been diagnosed with any cancer.

Note: Read test details, FAQs and test conditions before proceeding to booking.


(For Home Visit Service, Minimum Total Test(s) Charges Should be ₹999)
(Confirm Slot Availability Before Choosing Time)

1) Home Collection Facility Available Only For Minimum Total Test(s) Charges Of ₹999.00 and above.
2) We Serve Only in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad City Limits.
3) Additional Charges For Serving Outside Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad City Limits. (With in Pune)
4) Home Collection Facility Service Timing Should Be Selected Between 7.30am till 11.00am.
5) Direct Walk-in Service Timing Should Be Selected From 9.00am till 6pm (Monday-Saturday). Sunday from 9.00am till 1.30pm.
6) Confirm The Time Slot Availability Before Booking. There is No Auto Slot Blocking In Online Test Booking. You Should Reach to Use Over WhatsApp Or Call For Slot Availability.
7) We don't Provide Home Collection Service Only For Urine or Stool Test. These Tests Can Be Combined With Other Blood Tests.
8) Booking Date And Time Should Be 24hrs-72hrs in Advance

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Cancer Test For Females (CANFE)

Cancer Test For Females, for cancer screenings, some women might think, “Well, I don’t have any symptoms, so I don’t need them.” But that’s actually when you should get them.

Cancer screenings should only be done when you display no symptoms. Otherwise, it’s not a screening test anymore; it’s a diagnostic test. That’s why you shouldn’t wait until you have a lump in your breast or blood in your stool. Because by the time you’re actually showing symptoms, the cancer might not be in its earliest, most treatable stages anymore.

CANFE – Early detection blood Cancer marker test package for ladies

This Cancer Test For Females is ideal for women between 21-80 years of age. If you have a family history of or have been diagnosed with Choriocarcinoma, Kidney SLE, Malignant Tumors, Pancreatic Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, and Gastrointestinal Malignancies, get this checkup done twice a year.

Why should undergo cancer test for females?

As a woman, your lifetime risk for all cancers combined is now one in three. Cancer ranks as the second most frequent cause of death for women, after heart disease. Yet a recent survey found that only about 50 percent of women discussed the pros of cancer screening with their doctors before making a screening decision still far more than the 15 percent who talked with their doctors about the cons of screening.

If your doctor isn’t talking with you about cancer screening, make it your job to bring it up at your next visit. Screening tests can be as simple as at-home, at healthcare nt sickcare our technician visit your home and discuss the cancer test in details before collecting your specimen for cancer screening test. The one we discuss here can catch cancer at early stages and help you make your personal best health choices.

Do I really need these cancer screenings?

Yes, you need them. So, no, you shouldn’t put them off. Women are less likely to die of cancer if they are screened regularly and at the ages specified. Cancer prevention experts selected the recommended starting times and intervals specifically to give doctors the best possible chance of catching cancer early, when it’s the most treatable. A woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, for instance, starts increasing at age 40, so that’s why that age was chosen.

Cancer test for females Includes;

  1. AFP – Alfa Fetoprotein
  2. Beta HCG
  3. CA 125 (Ovarian Cancer)
  4. CA 15.3 (Breast Cancer)
  5. CA 19.9 (Pancreatic Cancer)
  6. CEA

Cancer screening means checking your body for cancer before you have symptoms. Getting screening tests regularly may find breast, cervical, and colorectal (colon) cancers early, when treatment is likely to work best. Lung cancer screening is recommended for some people who are at high risk.


  • Preventive Cancer Test for ladies & Early Cancer Detection
  • Overnight fasting is not required
  • Doctor’s prescription may be needed
  • The normal test results may vary depending on age, health history, etc.
  • Ideal for women between 25-80 years of age
  • Home visit collection facility available for a Cancer test for females in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad for total test cost above Rs999.00

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