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ECG Test Normal Range, Charges in Pune and Home ECG Test

Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a medical test that helps in assessing the heart's electrical activity. It is a non-invasive test that records the electrical impulses of the heart and represents them as waves or lines on a graph paper. The test is performed using an ECG machine that is operated by a trained technician.

ECG test is recommended by the doctor to evaluate heart health and to diagnose conditions such as arrhythmias, heart attack, chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, and more. In this article, we will discuss the ECG test in detail, including its normal range, cost, and home-based options in Pune.

What is ECG Test?

An ECG test is a simple, painless test that is performed to measure the electrical activity of the heart. The test is done by placing electrodes on the chest, arms, and legs of the patient, which are then connected to an ECG machine. The machine then records the electrical signals generated by the heart and produces a visual representation of the heart's activity.

The ECG test is a vital tool used by healthcare professionals to evaluate the heart's rhythm, rate, and any damage or stress the heart might be experiencing. The results of an ECG test can help in diagnosing heart disease, identifying any abnormalities or heart conditions, and monitoring the effectiveness of treatments.

ECG Normal Range

A normal ECG report usually indicates that the heart is functioning correctly. The normal range for an ECG report includes the following:

  • Heart rate: 60 to 100 beats per minute
  • P-wave duration: 80 to 120 ms
  • PR interval: 120 to 200 ms
  • QRS duration: less than 120 ms
  • QT interval: less than 440 ms (for men) and 460 ms (for women)
  • ST segment: isoelectric

ECG Test Charges in Pune

The cost of an ECG test in Pune varies depending on the facility where the test is being performed. The average cost of an ECG test in Pune is between Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000. The cost may vary based on the location, type of facility, and any additional tests performed along with the ECG.

Home ECG Test in Pune

In recent times, home-based ECG tests have become popular in Pune. Home ECG tests are convenient and time-saving for patients who are unable to visit a medical facility. Home ECG tests are also recommended for patients who require frequent ECG monitoring.

Several companies in Pune offer home-based ECG tests at reasonable prices. These tests are performed by a trained technician who visits the patient's home and performs the test. The ECG report is then sent to the doctor for analysis and diagnosis.


ECG test is a vital tool that helps healthcare professionals to diagnose and monitor heart conditions. The normal range for an ECG report includes heart rate, P-wave duration, PR interval, QRS duration, QT interval, and ST segment. The cost of an ECG test in Pune varies between Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000, and home-based ECG tests are also available for patient convenience. It is essential to get an ECG test done as recommended by the doctor to ensure good heart health.


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