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How to Test for Diphtheria?

Diphtheria, once a scourge that ravaged communities, still lingers in the shadows, particularly in regions with low vaccination coverage. Its deceptive nature, often masquerading as common ailments, makes early diagnosis crucial. This blog post delves into the depths of diphtheria, uncovering its causes, symptoms, and the vital role of laboratory tests in India, with a focus on Pune, Maharashtra.

What is Diphtheria?

Diphtheria is a serious bacterial infection that mainly affects the throat and upper airways. Here are some key points about diphtheria:

  • Cause - Diphtheria is caused by the Corynebacterium diphtheriae bacterium. It spreads via respiratory droplets from infected individuals.
  • Symptoms - Common signs include sore throat, fever, swollen glands, difficulty swallowing, and a thick gray/white coating in the throat. Can lead to breathing difficulty.
  • Complications - The bacteria release a toxin that can cause nerve damage and heart failure in severe cases. Requires prompt treatment.
  • Treatment - Diphtheria is treated with antitoxins and antibiotics like erythromycin or penicillin. Supportive care for respiratory/heart issues.
  • Prevention - Several diphtheria vaccines are given in combination formats to children as part of routine immunization schedules. Crucial for prevention.
  • Risk Factors - Unvaccinated individuals, those living in crowded settings, and those travelling to endemic regions have the highest risk of contracting diphtheria.

In summary, diphtheria is a bacterial infection treatable by antibiotics if caught early but has the potential for severe complications if left untreated. Widespread vaccination has made it rare in many parts of the world.

Causes of Diphtheria

Corynebacterium diphtheriae, a cunning bacterium, takes centre stage in this drama. When it infects the throat and respiratory system, it releases a deadly toxin that wreaks havoc, causing the characteristic symptoms we shall unravel shortly.

Symptoms of Diphtheria

Diphtheria symptoms, though initially mild, can progress rapidly. Watch out for these telltale signs:

    • Sore throat: Often severe, swallowing becomes painful.
    • Fever: Elevated body temperature is a common culprit.
    • Swollen lymph nodes: The body's defence system rallies against the invaders, causing neck swelling.
    • Difficulty breathing: The toxin's attack can obstruct airways, leading to laboured breathing.
    • Greyish-white patches: On the throat, these telltale signs of the toxin's presence emerge.
    • Barking cough: A characteristic cough may signal airway involvement.

When to Consult a Doctor and Opt for Medical Tests

If you suspect diphtheria, immediate medical attention is paramount. Your doctor may recommend various tests, including:

    • Throat swab: A simple yet crucial test, collecting a sample from the throat for laboratory analysis.
    • Blood test: Detects the toxin's presence in the bloodstream, indicating systemic infection.
    • Culture test: Grows the bacteria in a lab for definitive identification.
    • PCR test: Highly sensitive and rapid, detecting the toxin gene directly.

How to Test for Diphtheria?

When diagnosing diphtheria, laboratory tests play a crucial role in confirming the presence of the Corynebacterium diphtheriae bacteria and its toxin. Here's an overview of the key lab tests used:

1. Throat Swab:

  • Most common test: A healthcare professional gently rubs a swab on the back of your throat and tonsils to collect a sample of mucus and cells.
  • Detection methods: The sample is then tested using various methods, including:
    • Gram stain: A rapid test that can identify the characteristic club-shaped bacteria under a microscope.
    • Culture: The sample is placed in a special medium where the bacteria can grow and be identified over 24–48 hours.
    • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR): A highly sensitive and specific test that detects the presence of the diphtheria toxin gene.

2. Blood Test:

  • May be ordered alongside the throat swab: Can detect the presence of the diphtheria toxin in the bloodstream, indicating systemic infection.
  • Method: Usually involves an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) or a toxin neutralization test.

3. Other Tests:

  • Chest X-ray: In severe cases, may be used to assess lung involvement and potential complications like pneumonia.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG): If heart muscle damage is suspected due to the toxin, an ECG may be performed.

Interpretation of Diphtheria Test Results

A positive result from any of these tests, particularly the culture or PCR test, confirms diphtheria diagnosis. Based on the test results, your doctor will determine the appropriate course of treatment and monitor your progress.

Additional Considerations:

  • Early diagnosis is crucial for prompt treatment and improved outcomes.
  • Even if initial tests are inconclusive, doctors may still start treatment based on clinical suspicion due to the seriousness of the disease.
  • While lab tests are vital, they should be interpreted in conjunction with clinical symptoms and overall patient history for accurate diagnosis.

If you have any further questions about diphtheria or lab tests involved in its diagnosis, please consult your doctor for personalized advice. Remember, early diagnosis and treatment are key to managing this serious infection effectively.

The Role of healthcare nt sickcare in Combating Diphtheria

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Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Diphtheria

The most potent weapon against this villain? Vaccination! Ensure you and your family are up-to-date with the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis) vaccine.

Can we still get diphtheria in India?

Yes, while significantly reduced thanks to vaccination programs, diphtheria cases still occur in India, particularly in regions with low vaccination coverage.

Are blood tests always necessary for diagnosing diphtheria?

While throat swabs are the primary diagnostic tool, a blood test may be ordered to confirm the presence of the toxin in severe cases.

Where can I get affordable and reliable diphtheria tests in Pune?

healthcare nt sickcare, a NABL-certified pathology lab in Pune, offers comprehensive and affordable diphtheria testing. With online booking, home sample collection (for orders above ₹999), and quick results, we make diagnosis convenient and accessible.


Diphtheria, though a formidable foe, can be kept at bay with knowledge, vigilance, and timely diagnosis. Remember, early detection and treatment are crucial for successful management. In Pune, Maharashtra, healthcare nt sickcare stands by your side, offering affordable and reliable testing to empower you and your loved ones to stay healthy. Let's raise awareness and join hands to keep diphtheria out of our communities.

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