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How to Choose Right Diet for Weight Loss?

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:39 am

Weight loss isn’t always about calories or fat intake. It’s also about the type of food we eat. Learn more about how to choose the right diet for weight loss!

Best diet to lose weight

Our obsession with looking perfect, and a singular definition of what ‘perfect’ is, has gained momentum over the years and this has fuelled what is now a multi-billion dollar industry. The hype over getting thin has made many people start and stop diets abruptly. Most people start a diet only because of it is a fad, or because your BFF/cousin/aunt/colleague is trying out. You see those getting results and think it will work for you, too. That may or may not be the case. A routine of constant diets, which are started off with little of a thought, can actually be harmful to you.

So how do you pick a diet that you won’t fail at? But first, let’s understand why we fail in our diets.

Why do diets fail?

Over the years, we develop unhealthy eating habits that are tough to overnight. Dieting needs more commitment than we give it credit for. Choosing a diet that is in complete contrast to your regular eating habits isn’t just a shock to your system, you will also find it extremely difficult to follow through. People usually lose a little of weight and gain it right back because of a lack of commitment.

In 2004, Dr Kevin Hall, senior investigator of the National Institute of Health from Maryland, USA, started a show titled “The Biggest Loser”. People weighing around 130 pounds were asked to follow certain diets strictly, showing magical results within 6 years. People lost weight tremendously and ended up with the desired results. However, after 3 years, it was discovered that most of them had gained 2/3rd of their weight back. Choosing a diet that serves your taste buds well and is no longer a burden on your head is exactly what you need for desired results.

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How to choose the right diet that work for you in weight loss?

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4 proven and recommended tips to choose the right diet that suits you

Total Time: 90 days

  1. Consider Your Diet History

    Evaluate your diet history and make a list of reasons it failed. If your diet was too restrictive, then go for a diet which teaches you good portion control rather than cutting down on fat and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates and fats are both essential to our restrictive,health. Diets that prescribe low fat or low carb consumption aren’t that long lasting. 
    A protein diet with a little carbohydrate every 2 hours allows you to eat a variety of food, but in small proportions. If you always feel hungry, then choose a diet that does not focus so much on portion control. Diets like the Volumetric diet or The Five Factor Diet which allows you to eat more quantity of food at each meal while emphasising on consumption of low-calorie foods only like fruits and vegetables.

  2. Always involve your doctor in your weight loss efforts

    Before you start a weight loss program, make sure you consult your doctor. Your doctor can review your medical issues and provide guidance on your diet plan. You can discuss what to eat or what kind of exercise routine to follow. People with high blood pressure may be suggested to go for diets program which helps limit salt consumption. Keto diets are sometimes also recommended in specific conditions.

  3. Number of calories to consume on a particular plan

    Make sure you know how many calories you are supposed to eat in a day in order to lose weight. There are many diets that tell you the number of calories you will consume, while others have some flexibility in their calorific intake.

  4. Keep yourself boosted

    Choosing a diet that is completely according to your preference is heavenly. Now, you just have to keep your spirits high and be committed to your health. Being around people who support you with your diet is tremendously helpful.


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Choose a diet which satisfies all or most of the above conditions. Make this diet fun for you. Make the effort for no one but yourself, and keep a positive attitude as you move forward. Every step you take gets you closer to your desired goals.

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