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How to Control Oily and Sugary Food Cravings?

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:59 am

It’s hard to control oily or sugary food when they are in front of us. We’re going to show you how to control oily and sugary foods using simple 7 tips.

Control Oily and Sugary Food

Let’s admit it; with the onslaught of food joints, online food delivery apps and just the sheer availability of all kinds of food around us, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep cravings in check.

Sometimes, despite of having a satiating lunch, we ordered a piping hot pizza, because somewhere while scrolling down our Instagram feed, we chanced upon a fabulously shot pizza cooking tutorial. Or, we heard a friend recommending a food joint. The entire town is going gaga over. Cravings can kick in anytime of the day, while it is okay to crave once in a while, but doing so regularly may prove detrimental to your health and weight loss plans.

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7 Tips to Control Oily and Sugary Food Cravings

Here are 7 easy tips that may help you curb food cravings;

  1. Drink More Water: Keep drinking water. It not only helps keep you full and facilitates digestion, but also aids weight loss by monitoring your cravings. Your body confuses signals of thirst with hunger. Sometimes you are actually thirsty but feel hungry; therefore, keep drinking water to stop responding to such false alarms. If the plain taste of water bores you, you can also try healthy detox waters like cucumber water, zeera water or ajwain water.
  2. Add Protein and Fibre-Rich Foods: Both protein and fibre help keep you satiated for long, since they take their own time to digest, When you are full for a longer spell, you are much less likely to crave anything greasy or fattening.
  3. Don’t Sit Around The Dining Table For Too Long: If you are done having your meal, it is better to get up and leave. If you linger around the dining table for too long, you are more likely to give in to your cravings, even though you are actually full.
  4. Have Meals At Shorter Intervals: Do not starve yourself at any point of the day. If you are famished, your brain makes you believe you need something ‘rewarding’. For instance, a sugary or salty snack. Therefore, reduce intervals between each meal and break your meals in multiple small meals. Keep snacking on healthy and filling treats. This helps rev up your metabolism and also keeps cravings in check. 
  5. Keep Greasy Snacks Out Of Your Range: A big part of your weight loss journey is how you train your brain. If you keep snacks like chips, cookies and namkeen around you, it is natural for you to reach out to them. If you keep these snacks out of sight, your brain would not induce cravings and you are less likely to binge. 
  6. Practice Mindful Eating: Mindful eating is grabbing many eyeballs in the world of health and nutrition. As part of mindful eating, one is expected to eat slowly, attentively and listen to one’s body. Do not eat until you are starving. Avoid distractions like the TV or your smartphone while eating. Following these common mindful eating habits would help keep unnecessary cravings at bay.
  7. Plan Your Meals In Advance: Plan your meals in advance or a day prior. This would lessen the chances of you casually taking a walk to the kitchen and finishing that pack of namkeen or chips. If you have your lunch, dinner and snacks planned, you would not feel the need to fuel your body with anything else.

Have any more effective ideas that helped you reduce cravings? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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