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How To Test for Skin Allergy? Blood Test for Skin Allergy

Itchy, red, and uncomfortable rashes can be frustrating, especially when the cause remains unknown. While self-diagnosis might seem tempting, understanding your skin allergies through reliable testing empowers you to seek effective solutions and manage your condition effectively. This article explores various testing options and how healthcare nt sickcare can support your journey towards healthier, allergy-free skin.

How To Test for Skin Allergy?

Skin allergies manifest in various forms like eczema, hives, rashes. Allergy testing accurately detects which specific allergens trigger your symptoms so appropriate avoidance and treatment measures can be undertaken. This article discusses common skin allergy tests.

  1. Skin Prick Testing (SPT): This test introduces likely allergen extracts in a prick on the skin observing reaction. Histamine and saline solutions act as positive and negative controls. Appearance of a raised itchy bump indicates IgE mediated allergy positivity. Cost-effective, rapid results.
  2. Intradermal Tests: Here the suspected allergen gets injected under superficial skin layers. A larger reaction flare signals greater sensitivity. Useful when SPT shows equivocal results.
  3. Patch Testing: Allergen patches get taped onto your back detecting delayed reaction allergies mainly relevant for contact eczema evaluation. The area is checked twice over 48–72 hours for rashes.
  4. Blood Tests: Serum specific IgE antibodies against particular allergens are measured. Levels indicate sensitivity degree guiding elimination diets and immunotherapy if warranted.
  5. At Home Testing: Albeit convenient, reliability is dubious for home based skin prick kits or hair analysis for allergies. Clinical evaluation and recognized testing methods assure optimal detection of allergy triggers.

Approach testing when developing bothersome, persistent or recurrent symptoms non-responsive to topical treatments. Identifying your sensitivity spectrum guides avoidance and targeted therapy. Please reach out to healthcare nt sickcare for accredited allergy diagnostic options. Our home phlebotomy services and customized test packages promote testing convenience.

Blood Test for Skin Allergy

Blood tests play an important role in evaluating skin allergies by detecting allergen-specific antibodies. Some key points regarding blood testing for skin allergies:

  1. The main blood test is assessment of allergen-specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels. The body produces IgE antibodies when exposed to allergens that trigger skin conditions like hives, eczema or atopic dermatitis.
  2. Common skin allergy blood panels measure IgE reactive to – foods (milk, eggs, nuts, wheat etc.), pollens, dust mites, animal dander, moulds and medicinal drugs. This helps identify potential triggers.
  3. Blood is drawn and tested for IgE binding to a wide range of suspected allergens. Higher IgE levels indicate greater sensitivity which guides advice regarding allergen avoidance and management options.
  4. Blood testing quantifies allergy sensitivity assisting prescription of allergen immunotherapy doses if warranted. Serial testing during treatment checks efficacy.
  5. Skin allergy blood tests provide accurate, precise results non-invasively. But very low IgE may not get detected and positive only indicates sensitization. Allergen exposures ultimately confirm clinical reactivity.

In summary, allergy blood tests supplement skin prick testing delimiting allergy triggers. This facilitates better control of recalcitrant skin allergy symptoms via avoidance measures and targeted treatment.

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Skin Allergy Test Cost

Here are some details on skin allergy test costs in India:

  1. Skin prick test: This is the most common allergy test done by applying allergen extracts on the skin. Costs around Rs 600 to Rs 1500 depending upon number of allergens tested - basic panel for dust, pollen, fur, insects or an elaborate food panel.
  2. Intradermal skin testing: Involves injecting allergens into the skin layer. Ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 based on number of allergens assessed. Helpful when skin prick results equivocal.
  3. Patch testing: Allergen patches applied to detect delayed onset skin allergies. Package costs about Rs 2000-4000 testing common groups of chemicals, metals, preservatives. Useful for contact eczema evaluation.
  4. Allergy blood tests: Range from Rs 1500 for screening smaller allergen panels up to Rs 6000 for testing 100+ specific IgE antibodies. Precise for diagnosing severity.

Additional specialized tests may be suggested by allergy specialists based on clinical need and suspicion guiding elimination diets or desensitization immunotherapy. Costs vary accordingly. High-risk groups should avail comprehensive allergy testing for optimal management after weighing affordability.

Is there a single "skin allergy test"?

No, the most suitable test depends on your specific symptoms and suspected allergens.

Can I get a blood test for any skin allergy?

Blood tests are not suitable for all skin allergies, primarily focusing on food and drug allergies.

What is the cost of a skin allergy test?

Costs vary depending on the test type, location, and insurance coverage. healthcare nt sickcare strives to offer affordable testing options.

How can healthcare nt sickcare help me get tested?

While we don't conduct diagnostic tests directly, we partner with NABL-certified laboratories offering comprehensive skin allergy testing options. Book appointments and access results conveniently through our user-friendly platform.

Your Partner in Skin Wellness

At healthcare nt sickcare, we understand the impact of skin allergies on your quality of life. Here's how we support you:

    • Wide range of test options: Connect you with NABL-certified labs offering various skin allergy tests.
    • Affordable pricing: Make testing accessible with competitive costs.
    • Convenient booking and results: Streamline your experience with our online platform.
    • Reliable partner network: Ensure high-quality and accurate testing through our NABL-certified partners.
    • Privacy and confidentiality: Protect your sensitive health information.

Remember: Early diagnosis and management of skin allergies are crucial for preventing future flare-ups and improving your well-being. healthcare nt sickcare is here to empower you with reliable testing options and guide you towards informed decisions about your skin health. Don't hesitate to reach out; we're here to support you every step of the way.


Unveiling the culprit behind your skin allergies starts with reliable testing. With healthcare nt sickcare as your partner, you can access affordable and accurate testing options while receiving guidance and support throughout your journey. Remember, you're not alone in navigating skin allergies. Together, we can unlock the door to healthier, happier skin.


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