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Why You Should Not Delay Health Checkup

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:31 am

Why You Should Not Delay Health Checkup! Studies suggest that timely assessment and intervention can prevent almost 60-70% of diseases. We keep worrying about trivial things while ignoring the most important asset of our life, that is our health. Without good health, everything else would be meaningless.

But with the hectic job roles and our busy social lives, we ignore the brief signals our body sends us. The only time we give complete attention to our body is when, in fact, it has given up, and we have to rush to the emergency critical care.

A healthy lifestyle means you pay attention to your body, and don’t just visit your doctor when it’s an emergency! After all, we have all heard the saying prevention is better than cure. This is especially true for our health. Don’t wait for a health crisis to strike to take care of yourself.

Why You Should Not Delay Health Checkup

Consequences of delaying medical care. Let us elaborate 7 foremost reasons to get your preventive health checkup frequently.

  1. Prevention

Prevention is better than cure, is most applicable in case of health. A Rupee Spend on prevention can save not only money but time and hardship in the future.

An annual health checkup ensures you are never caught unawares about the condition of your body. Symptoms aren’t always easy to spot, which is why a regular health check-up is necessary to keep a check on any developing illness. Rising lifestyles diseases are hypertension and diabetes, which need to be observed frequently with preventive health checkups.

  1. Rapid lifestyle changes rise frequent diseases

Our fast-paced lives today are no doubt very exciting, but it pushes a lot of things at the bottom of our priority list. Our lifestyle has become sedentary. Exercise and physical work have reduced, whereas junk food has increased.

According to WHO, 60% of factors related to an individual health can be linked to lifestyle. Internet and smartphones threaten our physical and mental health. The challenge is the overuse and misuse of the technology.

  1. Good habits

Health is wealth. This statement truly captures the importance of a healthy body and good habits. Sometimes we ignore the significance of keeping up with our good habits. Avoiding that samosa, panipuri etc.. and waking up for a jog or taking stairs more often. These are small things which improve our health incrementally.

A regular health checkup is a barometer of these habits cultivated over the years. Regular exercise will show up in controlled sugar and low cholesterol.

If your lab test reports showcase a positive sign, you feel good, energised and your morale is boosted. You will continue to ensure that you uptake activities more often. It shall help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

  1. Vitamin deficiencies in India

As per the studies, around 7 out of 10 people in India suffer from some sort of vitamin deficiency, particularly vitamin D. It can cause fatigue, weakness, fracture and osteoporosis.

According to the National family health survey (NFHS 2004-5), 56% Women, 24% men and 78% children in India suffer from Anaemia. A major cause is an anaemia caused by iron deficiency. However, what is important is the fact that these deficiencies can be cured with the right food and supplementation.

Though the major impediment is the knowledge about these deficiencies in our body. A regular health checkup which covers iron deficiency profile makes us aware of it.

  1. Rising pollution

Fast industrialisation and urbanisation are leading to rising pollution. Air, noise, water, food and soil, every element is more polluted today than yesterday. Pollution combines with lifestyle changes to affect our health adversely.

Some WHO studies have estimated that around 24% of disease burden is because of preventable environmental causes. You may know recent air pollution in Delhi has been in news for its adverse health impact.

Though, we all should take measures to prevent exposure to pollution. But, it may not be possible beyond a point. Thus, there is, in fact, rising need to adopt regular preventive health checkup. It will enable us to take proactive measures.

  1. Critical illness

It is well known that early diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases during the early stage is much easier. But, most of the critical illnesses give very little early warning. A health checkup keeps you updated about your health and also detects any potentially dangerous diseases that may be developing. Early treatments are much less expensive, and the diseases are more curable.

Regular health checkup can provide doctors an opportunity to look at a person’s medical history. It helps in determination of risks early on. In addition, early identification can enable us to take the steps.

  1. Affordable preventive health check up

Investing small amounts of money in a regular health checkup can be a very smart financial decision. A small amount spent on preventive healthcare reduces the big expenditure later on. If we count time lost in treatment, then preventive health checkups pay many times more.

Preventive health checkup offer economies of scale. Many of the healthcare firms specialise in preventive health checkups. They have automated their processes if tests worth rupees 2000 could be done at the cost of rupees 849 only. At rupees 2.3 per day, it is less than even a cup of tea.

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