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What is Yo Yo Dieting or Weight Cycling?

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:39 am

Yo Yo Dieting is a diet plan that helps you lose weight fast by eating only when hungry. It works because it forces you to eat less food. You’ll never feel hungry again after trying this diet plan!

What is the Yo Yo Dieting Plan?

Many people nowadays go on diets, often not being able to follow them for a long time. A lot of diets are difficult to follow and be unsustainable for the long term. This results in a fluctuation in our diet, diet plans, and weight. These frequent trials in your dietary habits are known as yo yo dieting, a phenomenon that has been discussed a lot by health experts nowadays, but about which many people remain woefully unaware.

It’s also known as weight cycling and it describes a pattern of eating that leads to loss of weight for the short time period when the diet is followed and then regaining of weight when the dieter inadvertently stops following a particular diet for a long period.

Although wanting to clean up your meals and going on a diet for the general betterment of your body is considered a good idea, you need to be cautious of falling into the yo yo dieting pattern. Several research studies have looked into the impact of the yo yo dieting on the body and the results have been unanimous in suggesting that we are better off sticking to our respective healthy diets, rather than abandoning them mid-way.

Negative effects of yo yo dieting on your health

Yo Yo Dieting teaches you how to eat healthy without feeling deprived or hungry. Get ready to lose weight fast! Read these negative effects of yo yo dieting.

  • Increased risk of heart diseases

A University of Columbia study said that yo yo dieting may increase risk of heart diseases in women who lost some 10 pounds after following a diet and then regained the weight within the same year. The researchers said that it was difficult for these female participants to control heart disease risk factors. Weight cycling is also said to be linked with an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

  • Prevents you from reaching weight loss goals

Yo yo dieting builds a frustrating pattern of weight gain after an encouraging spell of weight loss. This frustration may prevent you from reaching your long-term goal of weight loss. Yo yo dieting essentially involves giving up on the diet once you see sufficient weight loss, which leads to weight gain once again. Your body cannot maintain a healthy weight or keep your weight off.

  • Increase in body fat percentage

Weight cycling has been linked to an overall increase in body fat percentage, belly fat, as well as an increased risk of obesity. Weight Cycling or yo yo dieting may also increase the risk of future weight gain, as per some studies conducted on the impact of this diet on the body. It was, however, found that yo yo dieting did not increase the risk of Type-2 diabetes or high blood sugar levels.

Although there is still more research required to prove whether yo yo dieting is definitively bad for the body, the weight cycling pattern can be certainly frustrating for anyone looking at losing weight for good. Yo yo dieting or Weight Cycling takes place when a dieter follows a fad diet that promises quick weight loss and limited overall health benefits. Therefore, the effects of these diets last for a short period and are easily reversed as weight gain.

Follow these tips to avoid weight cycling after Yo Yo dieting

  1. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and don’t starve yourself.
  2. Avoid eating out over two times a week. Compensate for a meal at the restaurant by cutting down on calories for the rest of the day.
  3. Avoid sugary drinks and packaged fruit juices, as well as drinks with artificial sweeteners in them.
  4. Set realistic weight loss goals and follow your diet patiently and with discipline.
  5. Indulge yourselves once in a while in your favourite foods, but make sure you only do that after completing your stipulated hours or workout for the week.
  6. Avoid eating too late in the evening or late at night. Eating right before bed can also lead to weight gain.

It’s important to make sure you have the right intention to follow a healthy diet. Instead of achieving quick weight loss and merely doing it to look good, concentrate on eating healthy for a fit body and a healthy mind.

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