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Vitamin D Deficiency

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:40 am

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, and more. Learn about this vitamin and what you should do to prevent it!

Vitamin d deficiency effects on our body

Vitamin D is important for muscles, the immune system, and cell growth. Apart from reducing inflammation, Vitamin D also helps regulate blood pressure and protects the heart. It plays a major role in calcium metabolism. Calcium will be absorbed only in the presence of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency is growing at a quick pace. What’s alarming is that many people consume Vitamin D supplements without consulting a medical practitioner and being unaware of whether their body needs Vitamin D. And if it does, how much Vitamin D does the body require for optimum health benefits? Because of this, several cases of Hypervitaminosis D, also known as Vitamin D toxicity, have been reported in India lately. This is majorly because of the lack of proper knowledge and information regarding the recommended dosage of vitamin D. 

What is vitamin d deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming a rampant cause of concern in both India and abroad. People with less than <20ng/ml are called Vitamin D deficient, Vitamin D status around 20 – 39 ng/ml are called Vitamin D insufficient and >30ng/ml are called Vitamin D sufficient.

Vitamin d deficiency symptoms

1. Rickets

Rickets is a skeletal disorder that’s caused by a lack of vitamin D, calcium, or phosphate in the body. These nutrients are important for the development of strong, healthy bones. People with rickets may have soft bones, stunted growth, and, in severe cases, skeletal deformities.

2. Osteomalacia

It is the softening of the bones caused by impaired bone metabolism primarily because of inadequate levels of phosphate, calcium, and vitamin D, or because of resorption of calcium. The impairment of bone metabolism causes inadequate bone mineralisation.

3. Vitamin d deficiency depression

Some receptors in the brain are receptors for vitamin D, so vitamin D is acting in the brain. These receptors are found in the areas of the brain that are linked to the development of depression. For this reason, vitamin D has been linked to depression and with other mental health problems. High dosage 5000-10000 IU of Vitamin D may help ease depression.

4. Metabolic Syndrome

Adolescents and young adults with vitamin D deficiency are nearly 2.5 times more likely to have metabolic syndrome vs. those without vitamin D deficiency, according to findings from an ongoing study of participants in China. (Steven M. Willi, MD, associate professor of pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

5. Blood pressure

Vitamin D levels in the body modulate the blood pressure indirectly

6. Risk For Cardiovascular Diseases

Several epidemiological studies have suggested that individuals with low blood levels of vitamin D have increased risks of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.

7. Asthma In Children

Several clinical trials have tested whether taking vitamin D as a supplement influences asthma attacks, symptoms, and lung function in children and adults with asthma.

8. Cancer

Vitamin D may play a role in controlling normal breast cell growth and may stop breast cancer cells from growing.

Vitamin d deficiency treatment

There Are Four Strategies For Increasing Vitamin D Levels;

Vitamin d Supplement

These are readily available over the counter. A doctor may also prescribe a supplement or multivitamin. For most adults, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is 400 – 600 IU. For adults over 70, the RDA is 800 IU.

Vitamin d deficiency foods

Foods Rich In Vitamin D

Fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel, as well as fish liver oils, are excellent natural sources of Vitamin D. Cheese and egg yolks contain small quantities of vitamin D. Milk, cereals and juices are fortified with vitamin D. Mushrooms are also good source of vitamin D2.

Vitamin d fortification in India

In August 2018, the FSSAI had notified the Food Safety and Standards (Fortification of Foods) Regulations, 2018, in the Gazette of India. With this, in case of vitamin D, India became the 3rd country in the world to allow fortification.

Vitamin d from sunlight

Regular sun exposure is the most natural way to get enough vitamin D. To maintain healthy blood levels, aim to get 10-30 minutes of midday sunlight, several times per week. People with darker skin may need a little more than this. Your exposure time should depend on how sensitive your skin is to sunlight.

Vitamin d blood test cost in Pune

Vitamin Profile 1 ₹999. Vitamin Profile 2 ₹1699.00 Vitamin Profile 3 ₹1249.00

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