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What is Intuitive Eating?

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:40 am

Intuitive eating is an approach to healthy living that focuses on listening to hunger cues rather than food rules. It helps people lose weight and feel better about themselves.

Intuitive Eating Meaning, A Diet That Works Without Dieting

Weight loss diets are usually built on the premise of ‘limitation’ and ‘deprivation’. It’s not a simple task to follow these crash diets, as it takes a toll on the mind while fighting hunger, which is intrinsic to our very being. Eating healthy has always been encouraged, but denying your palate the good food taste that it deserves is something not purported by the laws of nature. Conversely, these diets can wreak havoc on your overall well-being.

The restriction may lead to bigger cravings and obsession with food, and that may lead to overeating on the cheat days. When you overeat, the feeling of guilt and self-pity may crawl in. When the mind is dissatisfied, it can swing the brain nerves into depression and anxiety. If you listen to your mind and feed what your body demands, you will lead a better life.

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Intuitive eating and weight loss

Follow a diet that is directed and navigated by your own body. If you didn’t guess it by now, this kind of diet is called ‘intuitive eating.’ Studies suggest that your own mind knows best what is good for your body than anyone else’s mind. You just have to connect with it, decipher it and use your own discretion to frame your diet.

The concept of ‘intuitive eating’ was coined by the nutritionist duo – Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch – from California in the year 1995. The idea caught on fast and has been climbing its way up on the popularity charts ever since. Some principles that are important to success in this form of diet are the basis of the findings by the dieticians.

Intuitive eating a revolutionary program that works

Here are the guidelines laid down by the two nutritionists for a successful ‘intuitive eating’ diet;

1. Reject The Diet Mentality – Discard all those thoughts of diets lurking around your head and keep it free to embrace ‘intuitive eating.’

2. Honour Your Hunger Remember that your body has a biological right to be fed when it is hungry. Do that.

3. Make Peace With Food If you sheared yourself of a particular food, you may end up craving for it even more. So, instead of shooing it away, welcome it.

4. Challenge The Food Police Clear the cloud of ‘to eat’ and ‘not to eat’ rules floated by other people. Be your own food police.

5. Respect Your Fullness Pay attention to your inner body cues. It will tell you when it is hungry or full. The best way to do is to halt for a minute during a meal and ask yourself if you want to eat more or not.

6. Discover The Satisfaction Factor A satisfied appetite leads to a happy mind. And, a happy mind will keep the body healthy. 

7. Honour Your Feelings – Don’t feed yourself to appease emotional hunger. Food is only to fulfil regular feeding needs of the body; it is not a solution for depression or stress.

8. Respect Your Body – Each body has its own individual needs. Find what your body really wants and give it heartily.

9. Feel The Difference – Change your focus from burning calories to feeling the adrenaline rush by exercising regularly. Since your body and mind will be active and happy through proper meals, you’ll realise you will be more energised to carry out your workout regime and also enjoy it.

10. Honour Your Health – Finally, make your food choices wisely and never forego the need to have a healthy body. Though, a few guilty pleasures won’t derail a regular sound diet.

Intuitive eating and diabetes

Can Intuitive Eating Work For Me If I Have Diabetes? It can! At its core, Intuitive Eating is about reconnecting with our body’s own hunger and fullness cues and understanding some of the emotional and behavioural reasons behind why we eat. These are beneficial skills for all individuals. Studies have also shown Intuitive Eating is associated with lower levels of triglycerides, higher HDL cholesterol, lower glucose levels, and lower BMI. 

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