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What Helps Back Pain in Old Age?

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:45 am

Back pain in old age is one of the most common problems faced by people. In fact, back pain affects over 50% of adults over 65 years old. Find out how to treat it effectively.

Back pain is often caused by the deterioration of the intervertebral discs, sciatic nerve compression, or spinal facet joint arthritis. Experts believe that there are many causes for back pain in older adults.

Is there anything you can do for Back Pain in old age?

Many elderly people have constant back pain. The pain may be related to years of working in factories, offices, garages, or industrial facilities. Fortunately, there are various treatment options available.

But, unlike some age groups, many elderly are not healthy enough to undergo major back surgery. So, they look for other options, such as naturopathy medicine, yoga, chiropractic treatment. These are great options for treating back pain without invasive procedures. Below, you will discover more about natural back pain treatment in the elderly population.

How to Cure Back Pain in the Old Age?

Naturopathy Medicine

This is a fairly new type of medical treatment. It involves treating various diagnoses, such as back pain, with natural remedies. Unfortunately, way too many people are not aware of this type of treatment. So, they turn to more invasive treatments, such as surgery and spinal infusions.

These treatments are effective, but they have some harmful side effects. And then there is also the possibility of ineffectiveness. Who wants to undergo an invasive back or spine procedure to have it only to fail? No one, the treatment, would be fugal. Plus, you would be put through a lot of pain for what?

Chiropractic Therapy

Chiropractic therapy is another natural treatment alternative for back pain in elderly people. This type of treatment involves non-invasive alignment, heat, cold, and ultrasonic impact. The chiropractor will start with a head to toe assessment to determine the underlying problems you are dealing with.

Once you are given a diagnosis, you will be offered several treatment options. In most cases, the treatment will combine multiple therapies, which are believed to be more effective in the long run. You will be asked to perform a series of exercises that will help reduce inflammation and improve the range of motion.

You will continue the exercises at home, returning to the chiropractic office at least twice a week. There, you will receive ultrasonic impact treatment and heat or/and cold therapy. You will also be asked to perform the exercise regimen for the physical therapist. It is fairly straightforward and does not involve any type of invasive procedure.

Good Posture Alignment

Just about everyone sleeps in awkward positions. They either sleep with their head much higher than the rest of their body or legs twisted.

The problem with these positions is they do not promote proper spine alignment. Instead, they put a lot of strain on your spine and lower back. The remedy is a half-moon bolster pillow. You use the pillow to align your spine in the proper position. This will help reduce or eliminate the strain on your lower back and spine and treat your pain.

A bolster pillow is very affordable and accessible. You can use it to align other parts of your body as well when sitting in a chair or recliner.

You really cannot go wrong by investing in one of these devices because it is so diverse. After the first night with the pillow, you will see a major improvement in your back pain. You will also be able to sleep and complete your daily tasks without experiencing a lot of discomfort.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat mixed with cold is a great way to treat back pain. This type of therapy can be performed in the comfort of your home. It only takes about 40 minutes in total to complete and can be repeated as often as needed to eliminate back pain.

The heat and cold will work together to reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness. It will also reduce stiffness and muscle spasms. The idea is to control your back pain so you can perform your daily duties more effectively.

It is recommended to apply heat to the lower back for no longer than 15 minutes. This treatment will be followed by 15 minutes of cold therapy. This is a simple therapy that can be performed while you are lounging around the house.

You do not need to retire to the bed to take part in this therapy. You can sit in a recliner or lay-down on a sofa in the living room. This therapy will not make you feel you are being burdened down or forced to isolate in your home more than necessary.

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