Wellness Health Checkup Comparison

Wellness Health Checkup Comparison Table

Get a free wellness health checkup comparison table from our website. You’ll be able to see which tests are covered by each and what the charges of those. You choose which wellness health package (s) you want. A physician’s advice is not required.

Wellness laboratory testing is a program offered at healthcare nt sickcare in line with the organisation’s vision of providing access to quality and affordable health care services. This program helps you manage your own health, though this is not meant as a substitute for regular medical care.
If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by your parent or guardian, who consents to take responsibility for the follow-up of abnormal results.

Wellness Preventive Health Packages

Women cancer test markers and exclusive blood test packages for woman

Wellness Health Checkup Profiles

Wellness Health Checkup Packages In Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad

Affordable Preventive Health Checkup Packages For Ladies

Test/ProfileWellnessWellness+Women’s Wellness
Blood Sugar F
Thyroid Profile -3 Tests
Lipid Profile
Liver profile
Kidney Profile
Iron Profile
Urine R
HbA1c And ABG Tests
Ferritin Test
Calcium Test (Part of Kidney Pro)
Pancreatic Markers – 2 Tests
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3
Electrolyte Profile
ESR Test
Minerals Profile

How to book wellness health checkup online?

Book Your Wellness Health Checkup Online In 5 Simple Steps

You can use the links (click on checkup name or charges) to book your lab test online or visit this link to search your tests.

  1. Just click the desired Wellness Health Checkup link to read the test details and confirm the package
  2. Once you confirm the Wellness package, select the preferred date and time and click on ‘book now’ to add the test for the checkout. Please confirm the slot availability with us over WhatsApp or call before choosing your preferred date and time.
  3. Once you added all your required tests and wellness packages, then you are ready for the checkout. Don’t forget to select your preferred service type before clicking on the checkout button. e.g. Direct Walk-In Or Home Collection Service 
  4. While on the checkout process, you will be asked to enter all your details e.g. address, phone number, email id etc… Please enter (type) the required details (DO NOT AUTOFILL THE DETAILS)
  5. The irrevocable step is payment; you can opt for either UPI or an instant payment option to pay for your lab test (s). The discount will be auto-applied on the final checkout page and before your payment.
Additional Points 
  • if you wish to pay at the time of specimen collection, then you can select UPI as a payment option and while asking to enter your UPI id and handle, use your mobile number and select the UPI handle @upi and confirm the payment, again enter your mobile number as id. 
  • If you prefer not to sign up, then please click the button ‘Skip login’ at the bottom of the checkout page. 
  • You can search for any lab test and add those tests for checkout from this link, Click
  • Do not use any VPN or Private DNS service while booking your lab test from our app or website
  • Do not use a temporary email id, non-active email id or spammy email id in your booking process
  • Home Visit Collection Facility Available Only For Minimum Total Test Charges Of Above ₹999.00
  • We Serve Only in Pune And Pimpri Chinchwad City Limits
  • Additional Charges For Serving Outside Pune And Pimpri Chinchwad City Limits. (Within Pune)
  • Collection Service Time For Home Visit Facility Should Be Between 7.30 am till 11.00 am
  • Service Time For Direct-Walk-in Should be after 9.00 am till 2 pm (Monday-Saturday). Sunday from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm.
Wellness Health Check Up
Home Service Facility Available

Home Visit Collection Facility

The home visit service is especially helpful for people having weaker immunity and those who are at a higher risk of facing major complications from COVID-19. So instead of heading outside, having your blood sample collected at home is a safer way to ensure all health needs are fulfilled.

With the healthcare nt sickcare home collection service, you have the convenience of getting blood tests at home at an affordable price without compromising on your safety.

How to book wellness health checkup offline?

To book your chosen Wellness Health Checkup offline, kindly fill your details and submit to us;

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For any support, kindly WhatsApp on +91 97660 60629 or Call

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