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Serum Total Cholesterol Test

The results of the total cholesterol test can be used in evaluating the patient’s metabolism of fat, or in diagnosing inflammation of the pancreas, liver disease, disorders of the thyroid gland, and nephritic syndrome.

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Serum Total Cholesterol Test

Total cholesterol test is for the quantitative determination of total cholesterol in serum and plasma. The results of a cholesterol test can be used in evaluating the patient’s metabolism of fat, or in diagnosing inflammation of the pancreas, liver disease, disorders of the thyroid gland, and nephritic syndrome.

Patients with a higher risk of developing heart disease are often asked to get their cholesterol checked. A high quantity of cholesterol in your blood can cause many other health complications as well. Your doctor will guide you to maintain its levels by eating healthy and fat-free food items daily.

Why the total cholesterol test?

According to stats, 80% of India has a skewed lipid level. Typically, a high cholesterol buildup does not create symptoms. A heart attack caused by narrowing walls of the arteries because of cholesterol is the result.

If you are diabetic, do a cardiovascular screening and test for cholesterol. Cholesterol is a blanket name for LDL (low-density lipoprotein) HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and triglycerides. HDL is the good cholesterol and LDL is the bad cholesterol. High cholesterol prevention is by not smoking, limiting alcohol use, and eating healthy. Exercising is a very important component of the prevention of bad cholesterol.

Who should do the total cholesterol test?

Males above the age of 35 and females above the age of 45 should check their cholesterol levels regularly. Smokers, excessive users of alcohol, sedentary lifestyles with no exercise, people with a family history of heart disease, or diabetes.

Serum total cholesterol test conditions

Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance present in your body. The liver makes cholesterol that your body requires. Many food items; especially those made from animal products contain cholesterol. If you consume such food items more often, there would be too much cholesterol in your body.

An excessive amount of cholesterol builds up in your body as fat or plaque. Plaque is usually formed on the inner side of your arteries; thus narrowing the passageways for blood flow. This is how cholesterol can be harmful to your body. Excess of cholesterol intake can also be responsible for many other health issues.

A high amount of cholesterol in your system does not probably show any signs or symptoms. Blood arteries, angina, severe chest ache, or poor flow of blood are a few conditions that call for cholesterol assessment.

A cholesterol test is usually a part of routine examinations, mainly for adults. There is over one substance evaluated in your cholesterol test. Let us learn about this test.

Lipid profile test involves the following examinations;

  • High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL)–HDL is called the good cholesterol in your body. It passes bad cholesterol through your blood to the liver. The liver then discards the bad cholesterol out of your body. A higher amount of good cholesterol in your blood is a good thing. Hence, this variable is necessary to be learned by your pathologist.
  • Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL)–LDL is called bad cholesterol. This type accumulates plaque in the internal lining of your arteries that increases the risk of heart disorders.
  • Triglycerides–These are a type of fat that plays an equal role in increasing the risk of cardiac disorders.

Cholesterol level blood test need to do along with HDL, LDL, and triglycerides.


  • Overnight fasting is required
  • Doctor’s prescription may be needed
  • The normal test result may vary depending on gender, age, health history, etc.
  • Home visit collection facility available for total test amount above ₹999.00

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