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Sickling Test (Sickling Blood Test)

Sickling test is a pathology test used to study the patient’s red blood cells and determine hemoglobin disorders.

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Sickling Test

Sickling test is a pathology test used to study the patient’s red blood cells and determine hemoglobin disorders. People who are likely to suffer from sickle cell anemia or are carriers of the trait are advised to undergo the test.

Why sickling test advised?

Sickles cells are an unhealthy variation in the normal structure of RBC. A normal red blood cell is circular and looks like a dumbbell. A sickle cell is formed because of an abnormality in the structure of hemoglobin. These cells are crescent-shaped. This peculiar shape prevents hemoglobin from absorbing enough oxygen.

Indications for advising for sickling blood test;

  • Pale skin and mucous membrane
  • Easy onset of fatigue
  • Breathlessness
  • Recurrent infections

Other symptoms may also be present in a patient, which shows the necessity of undergoing a sickling test.

Sickling test for sickle cell anemia

If test results reveal presence of sickle cell disease, immediate treatment is advisable. The disorder occurs because of genetic incompetence and is a hereditary trait. Some people are carriers of sickle cell trait but display no symptoms of the disease.

Women of childbearing age who are planning a pregnancy need to take extra precaution if they test positive for sickling test. Of their blood disorder being transferred to the developing fetus. Genetic counselling is very useful in such cases.

Other than sickling test, patients may also require undergoing CBC test, ESR and hemoglobin test. Abnormal test results of sickling test should be promptly checked with a physician or hematologist. Presence of sickle cells is a genetic condition which cannot be completely reverted. However, medical care ensures that patients do not suffer because of their health condition.

Sickling blood test

There are no specific dietary restrictions prior to undergoing a sickling test. However, patients may be asked to reduce or completely stop certain medicines.


  • Overnight fasting is not mandatory
  • Doctor’s prescription may need
  • Previous medical history may require
  • Inform your doctor prior to the test if you are on medications

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