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Sickcare only Concentrates on Treating Illness

Last updated on January 7th, 2023 at 11:25 am

What is sickcare?

Our healthcare system focuses on treating disease (sickcare). That is why the cost of health insurance keeps increasing. Sickcare only concentrates on treating illness, but disease prevention is scarce.

Treatment to cure illnesses is not only more costly but also adds suffering to the equation. A better method would be a focus on the prevention of disease for improved health and wellness.

  1. The system of healthcare is not focused on prevention as much as it should be.
  2. Some people are in denial about their health, and they think they are prone to being unhealthy.
  3. Many people don’t know that some diseases are avoidable.
  4. Some medications are costly because the pharmaceutical industry is mostly unregulated.

Why our systems are for sickcare?

  • Lack of Health Education in Our Schools

Health management is not taught in our schools. People grow up with no knowledge of how to take care of themselves and how to lead a healthy life. Doctors should offer patients some form of education, so they know how to live a healthier life instead of just treating illnesses after they occur.

  • Denial About Reasons for Sickness

Denial causes people to avoid doing what’s right. We once told a friend he would get cancer because he always ate carcinogens. He liked to barbeque his means every day. He was in denial and continued to do this until he developed colon cancer and needed to have a portion of his colon removed.

The problem is not always the patient’s fault. The healthcare system is messed up. It rewards doctors for doing procedures, not for teaching patients how to live longer. It is totally up to us to educate ourselves.

  • A Failed System of Prevention

If a patient has a heart attack, bypass surgery just solves the immediate problem. Future costs for more operations will most likely occur, raising the cost of insurance even further. If a patient is not educated on the proper lifestyle to avoid heart attacks, they will most likely end up with more stents or bypass surgeries, until they die.

Sickcare to Healthcare

We are a lucky generation as we witness in our lifetime medical breakthroughs and pioneering research significantly changing the face of medicine which undergoes an exponential renaissance to put the patient in the centre and to move from disease management (sickcare) to protecting health (healthcare).

Healthcare philosophy has been shaped in the past two centuries to address the needs of the “sick population” instead of maintaining the wellness of the healthy population, which resulted in increasing health expenditure in almost all countries in terms of, % of GDP as the world population and life expectancy increase constantly.

We still consult our doctors when we get unwell based on the visible, episodic symptoms instead of intelligibly and continuously monitoring the early, not-so-invisible signs before it becomes more serious or preventing the disease/its symptoms altogether. “Healthcare” requires a different world, where vital data can be streamed to the integrated care teams a network of connected experts who will know the exact moment and strategy to step in, to provide support, recommendations on lifestyle changes or treatment (and funding of the services/treatment).

How are we going to create that ecosystem, which innovative technologies will support the reform and how is all this going to work? Here is an attempt to summarize current trends and reforms in medicine that will help enable better well-care management.

  • Reducing hospital readmissions instead of keeping people from needing hospital admission in the first place,
  • Decreasing pharmaceutical pricing instead of reducing pharmaceuticals prescribed,
  • Bundling payments for episodes of care instead of providing incentives to prevent episodes requiring care,
  • Combating the opioid crisis instead of promoting non-pharmacological options, and so on.

Values of Healthcare

Leading a healthy life is more enjoyable when you focus on healthcare before you need a cure for a gruelling illness. More time can be spent having a pleasurable life rather than demanding treatment when you’re sick.

Of course, there is the possibility that one will succumb to a genetic disease that is prone to occur because of an inherited gene. Many people can be healthier than they presently are. It just takes the willingness to learn how to lead a healthy life and put it into action.

How you can live with healthcare?

It’s important to discuss health issues with your doctor. Never take things for granted. Don’t accept what your doctor prescribes without asking about side effects. And always ask if healthier alternatives are possible.

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