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Say No to Smoking and Any Forms of Tobacco

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Say No To Smoking! We know that tobacco is a tough addiction to withdraw. Whether you are a cigarette smoker, cigar smoker or tobacco smoker, it is one of the most difficult things that you will want to leave. Tobacco is one of the leading causes of death, illness, and impoverishment. Seeing the latest figures published by WHO, it is clearly understood that the instructions are not being followed. As a result, the sale and usage of tobacco across the world is scaling high. Hence, we thought of taking a more realistic approach to what tobacco can take away from your life. Let us draw parallels from the life of an average adult.

Why People smoke?

Life begins not after birth, but when one steps out of college. That’s about time when the average man earns and has a disposable income for him (although one may take to tobacco much earlier). However, less or more it is there is always a small kitty that has ‘personal’ written all over it. Call it peer pressure or society exposure; it seems so natural that before one knows it, one is addicted. On an average, to cater to this addiction, one spends about Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 a month, which makes it around Rs. 12000 a year. Just imagine Rs. 12000 a year being spent on smoking.

One could do so much with the money. Even if we were to ignore the traditional ways of using the money like making FDs or deposits, one could buy a decent camera or a smart phone or even a bicycle which can open doors to interesting activities that can take the average man places he never even imagined.

Say No to Smoking – How to Quit, What to Do When You Crave?

Tobacco smoking has been a risk factor for many diseases, which is why it’s important to quit. There are a lot of reasons people smoke and a wide variety of things that can help people stop or control their smoking. Whether you want to quit today or in the future, there are great ways for you to make your life healthier and happier without cigarettes.

There are various risks involved when one start smoking in their early age or continues this addiction. Lets list out common 10 risks and life shortening diseases which smoking addiction can bring;

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Cardiovascular Diseases
  3. Cancer of lung, kidney, throat, mouth, stomach and pancreas
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Dental Diseases
  6. Reproductive Problems
  7. Blindness, Cataract and Age-Related Problems
  8. Asthma
  9. Diabetes
  10. Infect Blood and Immune System

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What Happens after Quit Smoking?

The initial weeks of quitting tobacco are critical, as the smokers might feel physical and mental symptoms. It is never too late to quit because it is only after that you felt that your body is working to attain normalcy. Following are the few changes you would experience on quitting the smoking addiction;

  1. Heart rate and Blood Pressure decreases
  2. The carbon monoxide levels return to that of a non-smoker
  3. Blood circulation and lung functioning improves
  4. The ability of taste and smell returns to normal
  5. Exercise tolerance improves significantly
  6. Fatigue, sinus congestion and coughing reduces 
  7. Nerves start adjusting to the absence of nicotine
  8. The risk of heart attack is reduced to 50% of someone who smokes
  9. Stroke risk reduces to half of that of non-smoker.

Say No to Tobacco Today

Life is much more than chewing or smoking tobacco. It is in doing things that make unforgettable memories. Tell us one person who remembers good times spent on tobacco? Whereas, each time you open that photo album from the crazy trip you took, innumerable memories come alive to turn a dull day bright and merry. Friends, tobacco is stealing away all those wonderful moments from your life.

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