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Rice or Roti Which is Better for Weight Loss?

Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 11:06 am

Rice or roti which is better? There is no right answer for choosing between rice and roti. It depends on what kind of food you’re eating. But if you choose one over the other, there is something you should know about them. 

Indians love their food, and there is a perfect dish for every occasion. Today we are going to explore the different carbs, their benefits and which one you should be eating.

Rice or Roti Which is Better?

A typical Indian meal is incomplete without a couple of rotis and a handful of rice on the plate. These two are used to prepare various dishes, which form our regular day-to-day diet.

Now, those embarking on a weight loss journey must have been told by many people to give up or cut down on carbs. Being a staple product in our regular diet till now, it’s difficult to eliminate both of them. But if you decide to leave one out and continue filling your appetite with another, which one should you pick? We often hear that rice can wreak havoc on our weight loss plan and we must avoid it at all costs, not just to lose weight, but also to remain healthy. But is it really true? Let’s find out.

Roti is made from whole wheat flour and rice is a refined form of raw rice, which is hulled and milled. There has been a lot of debate in the food circle for a long time on the effects of rice and roti on our health goals. Many times, rice is shunned for not imparting any health benefits also adding extra fat in the body. And then, there are some health experts who claim that rice is a lighter food than roti and is thus a better option.

Rice and Roti Nutrition Facts

However, both rice and roti have almost the same effect as the body’s fat content.

  • Rice and roti have similar carbohydrates and calorific value.
  • The glycaemic index is similar in rice and roti, which means they regulate the blood pressure of the body in the same manner.
  • Both rice and roti contain the same amount of iron.

Despite their many similarities, rice and roti have different nutrient profiles.

  • Roti has a higher level of dietary fibre than rice, so it keeps the stomach full for a longer time.
  • Rice has more starch in it, hence is easier to digest.
  • Rice provides a higher folate, a water-soluble B-vitamin, than a whole wheat roti.
  • Roti is richer in most of the minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium, proteins and calcium.

Weighing all the pros and cons of both the items, roti emerges out as a clear winner if a comparison has to be made. But, the various benefits of rice still cannot be discarded. The key to a healthy diet is having a bit of everything. There’s no need to give up one thing for another. A limited portion of both rice and roti, along with maintaining a regular workout regime and a healthy lifestyle, can do more good than following a diet completely devoid of them.

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Rice Roti Nutrition Information

  1. Is chapati healthier than rice?

    Rice is easier to digest because of its starch content, whereas roti digests slowly. However, due to slow digestion, roti keeps you full for longer, which is a big plus for weight watchers. Both rice and chapati provide Folate, a water-soluble B-vitamin. Rice is a better source of Folate than chapati.

  2. Which is better than rice or wheat?

    Rice is a better source of Folate than chapati. Wheat has a high nutritional value as compared to rice because it contains more proteins and fibres than rice.

  3. Rice Vs Chapati for weight loss?

    For weight loss, the clear winner is chapati. While the difference between rice and chapati is not drastic, nutrient-value wise, the only major distinction lies in the sodium value. Rice, on one hand, has negligible sodium content. Chapati, on the other, has a drastic 190 mg sodium in 120 grams of wheat.

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