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healthcare nt sickcare, Today we become one of Pune’s leading preventive health check-up center serving more than 2300 families since 2007.It was not easy journey so far but surely excited, because it is healthcare initiative. With the thought of establish a pathology laboratory or medical laboratory to serve health curious public in pune, we recognized real need were to boost healthcare or self-care health awareness. Naming our initiative were the 1st process and without much thought we come to the conclusion, name ‘healthcare nt sickcare’ because even in the name our intention reflects.

No kid born without a parent, yes we also have born for a parent. VIVURA VENTURES, we are proudly taking this name as our guide to make us recognized and self realized. Vivura Ventures were established in Sep 2004 and associated with leading laboratory chain in India. Being associated long 4 years and widely rooted our service entire Pune city, the team earned much appreciation. healthcare nt sickcare, born on 1st Aug 2007 at Aundh and our real inspiration were our associated doctors, few health professionals and many families we served 4 years since 2004.

1st Jan 2009 were a real day which turned us, with more specific and future projected establishment. healthcare nt sickcare, decided to being alone in the race and decided to be stand alone in fight of real healthcare or self-care initiative in Pune. Since then even the process were slow, we start to count our days to being one amount top 10 in Pune.  Today we serve more than 2300 families with 10k+ tests processed with yearly growth rate of 20% & our real reputation shows from our clients words.

We serve health but earns good hearts. A family can understand other good family; we serve families in their path of well-being. Our team is our Family & our growth wont stopped because we are blessed with thousands of families in Pune.

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