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Do not Go for Cheap Online Health Checkup Packages

Last updated on January 21st, 2023 at 08:21 pm

We are living in an era where people are looking for cheap online health checkup packages. But do they really provide quality services?

You should never go for cheap online health check up packages as they may harm your body. So, what should you look for when choosing a reliable service provider?

Why you should not go for cheap online health checkup packages?

Are you looking for a reliable online health checkup package? Then, here’s everything you need to know about them.

You may have received emails, SMSs, WhatsApp messages, and even you browse anything on Google or Bing with a nice pop-up of 82-84 lab tests at only Rs499 or something similar. Have you ever thought about how a laboratory can offer these numbers of lab tests in such a small amount? Top of that, this pricing includes free home collection service and free report delivery at your home!

How can an online website, not having any laboratory set up in the city, offer lab test reports in 24hrs? Have you ever cross-checked their number of years’ experience in the medical service industry and their local contact location and phone number? How can a medical lab test service sell like an online product? 

Yes, start to thinking of these because after all, these are all about your health. It is not a physical paper copy where test values are written; it is about a record of your health indicators. 

What did all costs include in lab testing?

Let’s under the costs include while serving a patient at home for their medical lab test. Let’s understand it with an above example of 82 lab tests in Rs499. Be noted that we do not calculate lab testing charges and machinery maintenance costs here, which usually vary from lab to lab and are always on the higher side. 

While serving a patient at their home, the cost starts with local conveyance and ends at delivery of test report their home. 

  • Local conveyance

When you book a lab test at home; the lab technician has to start from their laboratory or from the local office, which may be around 10-30km away from your home. According to the fuel price, the local conveyance charge will be around Rs50 to Rs.100 per visit.

  • Blood collection expenses

Blood collection expenses include the cost of the vail or tubes, syringe, and other small materials like swab cotton. In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, laboratories have to take additional precautions like head caps, facemask, sanitiser, and disposable gloves. The rough cost of all these per patient would be around Rs30 to Rs80. 

  • Lab test report delivery charges

After testing lab test report should be delivered at the patient’s home or doctor’s clinic. This will again include the conveyance expense and the stationary cost, e.g. report head, report envelop, printing cost, etc… This cost will be roughly at around Rs20 to Rs50, excluding local conveyance. 

  • Lab testing and machine maintenance charges

Now let us clear we are not calculating the sample testing charges at the lab and also the lab testing machinery maintenance charges, which include the cost of testing reagents or chemicals. The cost of these is varied from laboratory to laboratory and which always be in higher side. 

Now, after totalling the above visible charges, (not hidden charges), the laboratory will have to spend Rs200 to Rs230 for serving a patient at home. In giving 82-86 lab tests at just Rs499, how a reputed laboratory can survive without keeping zero cost margins? We are talking about the profit or gains here. A cost margin includes hidden charges of salaries, rent, infrastructure cost, etc…  

You are paying for your good health

All the reputed laboratories operating with the most valuable philosophies of the ‘trust’. Trustworthy labs understand the value of time and money the patient spending on medical tests. So next time you see such advertisements, do proper research on the laboratory, their local presence, where they doing the test etc…. and never fall into the trap of online advertisement games. 

How a locally based lab can provide services at a low cost?

The term ‘low cost’ is not proper for any reputed local medical labs. Instead, the term ‘reasonable’ can be used. How a local medical lab offers a lab test at a reasonable cost is because they keep the infrastructure at the minimum and all their procurements are from the local market. This way a reputed laboratory can focus on quality and accuracy in their medical lab testing, without compromising on the cost they indulge. 

From the patient’s side, it always is a pleasant experience to have their lab test done from reputed and experienced local medical labs from their city or town.

healthcare nt sickcare Laboratory Service’s mission is to provide the highest quality laboratory services to the community through excellence in laboratory testing, exceptional attention to our customers, and employee education. 

  • Providing a menu of over 400 procedures in clinical laboratory testing and pathology services.
  • Performing 95% of all testing on site.
  • Providing an extensive test list, including hormones and drug levels.
  • Reporting critical values 24 hours a day following national regulations.
  • Maintaining a laboratory operation where testing is performed 12 hours per day, 6 days per week, resulting in the best turnaround times in the area.
  • Maintaining close relationships with other healthcare setups in Pune including, Cardiology, Pulmonary, and Infectious Disease departments to meet or exceed specific tests needs and turnaround times.
  • Partnering with national leading laboratories and other reference laboratories to provide the most current, up-to-date lab test services.
  • Offering expertise in clinical diagnostic and pathology consultation.
  • Utilising state-of-the-art technologically advanced diagnostic techniques and instrumentation.
  • Constant Quality Assurance monitoring, with a focus on continual improvement and in combination with our internal and external customer needs. The healthcare nt sickcare Laboratory internal quality assurance program evaluates daily laboratory performance from specimen collection and courier pickup to result reporting.
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction scores and patient wait time monthly.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for healthcare nt sickcare laboratory services, please call our Appointment Line: +91 97660 60629 Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

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