Here is another reason, why you put healthcare nt sickare – affordable preventive health checkup center in Pune, in your medical assistance list.

Time slips by as we keep ourselves busy doing the important tasks like managing jobs, household chores and juggling between work, children, spouse and relatives. Which is why, it is all the more important to spend quality time together and show each other that “We Care” and our families are the most important to us. That’s why healthcare nt sickcare, regularly coming up with special offers which makes you to feel of care for your family, relatives and friend.

Good Health Is An Investment & We Engaged To Provide Good Health in You. Use our special coupon codes and make faster checkout before the coupon code limits overs or deal expires. Keep a tab on the updated list of special offers on preventive health checkup packages and pathology laboratory tests & profiles.

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60 Tests WELLNESS+ Preventive Health Check-upCovering Wide 10 Health Panels;Diabetes, Cholesterol, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, Electrolytes, Minerals, Vitamins, Pancreas & Complete Blood Count with ESR
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