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Natural Painkillers

Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 07:43 am

Are you looking for natural ways to relieve pain without drugs or surgery? What are some of the most effective natural painkillers out there? Find out here!

What are Painkillers?

Painkillers are one of the quickest solutions to fight pain. Most people prefer popping a painkiller even after minor discomfort. But it linked too much consumption of painkillers with several health issues. It can increase the risk of several serious health conditions. Many studies have also highlighted the harmful effects of using too many painkillers. You can use several natural ingredients to fight pain. Most of these ingredients are present inside your kitchen. They load these natural alternates to painkillers with medicinal properties. To minimize the use of painkillers, you must also make some healthy diet and lifestyle modifications that can help you stay healthy. Here are some natural substitutes for painkillers.

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5 Natural Painkillers

Are you looking for some natural painkillers to help you deal with your aches and pains? Check out our list of the best natural painkillers.

1. Clove

We popularly used cloves for toothache. With a powerful aroma and taste, clove can help add extra flavour to your foods. You can use cloves to fight toothache, inflammation, pain, nausea and cold. Clove also has anti-fungal properties. This spice is loaded with medicinal properties. You can use clove in various recipes or clove tea is also a healthy choice.

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2. Ginger

You can add ginger tea to your morning routine

Ginger is commonly used to add a strong flavour to your cup of tea. Ginger is also loaded with several health benefits. It can also help you fight inflammation and muscle pain. It is also helpful in treating cold and coughs. Ginger tea is a perfect choice during winter. You can also add fresh raw ginger to foods.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is loaded with medicinal properties. Ayurveda also suggests the use of turmeric to fight various health issues. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a powerhouse of anti-oxidants. Use of turmeric offers you pain-relieving qualities. Turmeric tea or turmeric milk are the two healthiest drinks to choose from.

4. Essential oils

Essential oils can be used as a natural pain killer

Essential oils can have multiple uses. Few essential oils can help you fight pain as well. Lavender oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil can offer pain-relieving properties. But never use essential oil directly. Always mix essential oil with a carrier oil before applying.

5. Hot and cold therapy

Hot and cold therapies have been in use for a long time. Use of ice pack or a heat bag on the affected area can give you some relief. Heat bag can give you relief from swelling as well.


Too much consumption of painkillers is linked with several health issues. It can increase the risk of several serious health conditions. You can try above natural alternates that can help you fight pain easily. Above Mentioned Amazing Spices Can Also Boost Weight Loss, Beat Diabetes, PCOD, Heart Disease And Many More.

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