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How to Choose your Health Checkup Package?

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Your health checkups are important. They help you stay healthy and keep you away from diseases. We help you on how to choose your health checkup package.

Health Checkup Package

When planning for your health checkup, you need to know exactly what kind of treatment plan is appropriate for you. This article lists down the various packages offered by leading medical establishments in India and the benefits of each.

Did you know that health expenditure in India accounts for 4.1% of the national GDP? Also, private expenditure on health (which means expenses that the government does not bear) adds up to 70.8% of all health expenditure in the country, according to a report by The Guardian. The choice then for the ordinary citizen is straightforward: invest a small sum on preventive health checkups instead of shelling out huge amounts during health crises or emergencies.

The benefits of regular health checkups are manifold. Not only are you saved the trouble of having to suffer through the symptoms and stress of illnesses, but you also get to save on money that would otherwise be spent on hospital costs. Not convinced a health check-up is worth the effort? 

How to Choose your Health Checkup Package?

The health check-up package is important for everyone’s health. It helps you to choose the right package that suits your needs and budget.

A healthy family is one that thrives. If a single member of a family turns ill or faces any health issue, the entire family would suffer from the gloom. Thus, it is very crucial for the entire family to go for a health check-up time or minimum once every year. From getting the level of blood sugar checked to keep the diabetic history healthy, each family member may require different health plans to live a healthy and sustainable life.

While browsing the internet, one will come across many healthcare companies providing online health check-up plans for the family. These include elderly members, men, women, and children. Let us understand why one needs to choose the best health check-up packages for their family.

Why to choose health checkup package for your family?

We have a lot of packages available to choose from. Which one should I go to? What are the benefits of each package? Well, here we explain everything about them.

  • Health check-up for women

For women, it is essential to opt for a regular health check-up to prevent several serious diseases. Some essential health tests that must be included in the health check-up packages for women are cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, tests for sexually transmitted infections (STI), diabetes, and cardiac disease. Every woman between the age of 21 and 65 should undergo these tests, to stay healthy and free from illnesses. Screenings like mammograms, X-rays, ultrasounds, and ECGs are a few that would be suggested by the physician.

  • Health check-up for men

It is equally crucial to get a regular health check-up packages for men. Some screenings that a health check-up plan should include are for blood cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, colon cancer, obesity, hepatitis, and prostate cancer. Many online healthcare organizations provide special offers on check-ups for the entire family, but it is important for you to choose the lab which has a local presence in your city or town.

  • Health checkup for children

With the new kinds of lifestyles that families lead, children are also becoming susceptible to many lifestyle diseases at a young age. Some common conditions that are found in today’s children are diabetes, obesity, and asthma. Thus, while opting for full body check-up packages for families, it is important to include children’s tests, too. A yearly health check-up for children would assure a healthy growth, and also help in keeping a track of their immune system. From dental check-ups to dietary plans, children require a robust plan to lead a sustainable life. Sometimes an early diagnosis can prevent a child from developing several diseases in the future.

Plan your Health Check Up

Plan a yearly or half-yearly health check-up. Opt for a health check-up plan that suits you and your family members’ needs. It would help if one always chose programs and pathology lab near you that are reliable and have a trusted customer base, along with experienced physicians and staff. Avoid cheap online health check-up plans from companies that do not have an excellent reputation or are unknown in your city. It is about you and your family’s health, so choose the right health check up package.

5 Reasons you Need Preventive Health Checkup

Most medical professionals agree that one of the best ways to take care of your health is to go for annual checkups. Here are some reasons which we believe you consider most;

  1. Even your car is serviced every six months – No one questions why time, effort, and money are put into ensuring that their car is serviced, with all the needed checks, regularly. Our body too needs to be tuned up regularly and checked for optimal functioning. Do we value our own health as much as we do that of our vehicle? You surely need a quarterly or half-yearly health checkup.
  2. You have a sedentary job – We are today so hooked on the computer that even when we aren’t in office; we are surfing the net and essentially spending both our working hours and free time sitting in front of some type of screen or monitor. Then there are those of us who smoke, drink and, frankly, quiver at the thought of daily exercise. Choose our executive health checkup packages or discuss with us to choose the best plan for you.
  3. Healthy people can fall ill too – While we are young, we feel invincible. But as age catches up, it all starts with random aches and pains and progresses to high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol, to list the less serious ailments. If we took care of our health early on, we should be able to prevent all these ailments and more. You can choose healthcare nt sickcare quick health check up package which covers 67 essential tests.
  4. Early detection could lead to a cure – There are so many disorders and diseases that have a better prognosis when detected early. This is especially true of chronic and terminal illnesses, such as cancer. Regular preventive health checkups will not only ensure that you identify the need for treatment as soon as possible, but also give you better chances of returning to health.
  5. Family history is a sure giveaway – Family history means that you stand a higher chance of ending up suffering from the same diseases as your immediate family. For instance, if your father had a history of cardiac problems or your grandmother had high blood sugar, there are chances you might experience the same conditions. Plan your health checkup according to your family history or talk to us.

Think Before Opting Online Health Checkup Offers

More and more people are becoming health conscious these days. An increasing number of people recognize the need for preventive healthcare. With this, there has been a surge in “master health checkups” being offered by different businesses. Sounds good? But wait! In India, such activity is still unregulated. So, you really need to exercise some caution in choosing the service provider.

If you want a preventive health check to be of use, it is important to know that there cannot be standard tests. The tests would vary depending on your age, gender and various other factors pertaining to your lifestyle. How often do you need these checkups? This, too, will be determined by several factors, including age and previous medical history. And if the tests reveal any cause for concern, then the diagnostic center should be able to provide the needed counseling.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to trust packages that include more tests. However, a longer list of exams doesn’t automatically mean that you are getting better services. In most developed countries, the guidelines for annual checkups are set at a national level. Till the time that such guidelines are set, some firms are offering X-Rays and even CT Scans as part of the checkups. This is worrying because these types of tests use ionizing radiation, which could actually cause harm rather than help the consumer and should only be undertaken when one’s health status calls for them. Even the Pap Smear and Mammogram should be recommended only for women of a particular age group and at a frequency.

So, the first step is to ensure that you are using the services of reliable and reputed medical service provider e.g. healthcare nt sickcare. However, even before this, consider taking on a good health insurance policy. An annual check means that problem will be detected in a good time, but it does not mean that you will not fall ill. To be well prepared to face any type of health-related problems for yourself and your loved ones, the best way is to make sure you choose medical insurance that will stand you in good stead in an emergency.

Smart Choice Health Checkup Packages are the perfect choice for those who are not sure of their medical needs.

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