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Our following basic guidelines would help you in choosing the good pathology lab for your diagnostic tests and saving both your time and money.

How to Choose a Good Pathology Lab?

Diagnostic laboratory or pathology labs in recent years have become central locations for carrying out diagnostic testing that has become indispensable for identifying, detecting, and monitoring diseases or conditions and for providing a prognosis for predicting treatment responses. There are over tens of thousands of tests and services available globally in vitro diagnostic testing for a wide range of medical conditions.

For a patient, it is quite difficult to know what is going on inside a pathology laboratory, how it functions, how tests are performed, and if quality standards are maintained. With the rapid commercialization in the health sector, diagnostic centers or labs have sprawled up in every nook and corner of the country, and choosing the right laboratory diagnostic center can lead to a dilemma.

Our following basic guidelines would help you in choosing the good pathology lab for your diagnostic tests. With this information in hand, you can choose the good pathology lab, saving both your time and money.

Experience of Pathology Laboratory and Staff is Very Important

The experience and the skills of the medical lab practitioner and the staff of the concerned pathology laboratory should be the number one priority when choosing a diagnostic center. A diagnostic laboratory that has been well established for a substantial period and is run with proficiency, competence, and expertise by professional and qualified lab personnel is the right lab for your prescribed diagnostic test.

In addition, choosing a lab that has an accreditation from a recognized accreditation body such as the ISO or NABL will give you confidence about the manner in which the whole procedure right from sample collection and sample processing up to report generation is done. Reports from these labs can be guaranteed for their accurate and quality medical values, and help the patient and medical professional in their further treatment management. You should choose the diagnostic lab that adheres to the core professional ethics in medical practice in terms of;

  • The qualification and expertise of the staff
  • Local presence and ability to reach quickly
  • The pathologists and lab technicians experience
  • The professionalism of the staff who keep customer satisfaction at the forefront
  • Patients handling prior or post-testing and making the patient comfortable
  • Complaint and error handling record and capabilities
  • Testing and retesting on request
  • Patient’s reviews

Instruments and Software Technology Laboratory is Using

Diagnostic and pathological labs that operate the latest technologies and use updated instruments should be given an upper hand unanimously. The latest technologies will process the data efficiently and provide you the precise data of high quality. Since many laboratories claim to have the latest technology, verifying this is really the case and that the patient is getting the genuine and authentic standardized test report is of top priority as well.

Using good technical instruments would also eliminate the risk of human errors while delivering health reports. The labs that use the latest technologies as digital pathology, molecular diagnostics, nano-sensors, and pharmacogenomics (pathological tests at the genetic level) can be one of the best diagnostic centers.

The cleanliness of the laboratory within its external and internal premises counts much in the selection of the diagnostic center.

Accuracy of the Reports

Physicians or doctors carry out the treatments based on the report provided by the diagnostic centers and it is safe to select those medical laboratory centers that provide you with accurate reports. Diagnostic reports contain precise details about the concerned patient and even a slight error can change the entire outcome of the treatment and may even lead to loss of precious life. Therefore, the consistency and precision of the reports will also reflect on the credibility of the diagnostic center.

The Service Policies of the Pathology Lab

The policies of the diagnostic centre towards its customers (patients) play a crucial role in the selection of the right diagnostic centre. Factors such as the speed at which the lab reports are being delivered, date handling policies, privacy policy, the insurance cover offered by the lab to its customers, cancellation and refund policy, the behaviour and efficiency of the staff etc would help you in understanding the policies of the chosen diagnostic centre.

In this age of social media, you should also go through the reviews, comments on search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook about the diagnostic centers that would help you in taking a firmer stand about choosing the right diagnostic center.

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