Hepatitis Test

What are the tests for hepatitis?

If hepatitis is suspected, the following tests can confirm a diagnosis:

  • Blood tests for hepatitis: These can detect whether the body is producing antibodies to fight the disease, and they can assess liver function tests by checking the levels of certain liver proteins and enzymes.
  • Nucleic acid tests: For hepatitis B and C, an HBV DNA or HCV RNA test can confirm the speed at which the virus is reproducing in the liver, and this will show how active the disease is.
  • A liver biopsy: This can measure the extent of liver damage and the possibility of cancer.
  • Paracentesis: Abdominal fluid is extracted and tested, to identify the cause of fluid accumulation.
  • Elastography: This measures the liver’s stiffness by emitting sound waves.
  • Surrogate markers: A type of blood test to assess the development of cirrhosis and fibrosis.

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