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What happens to your blood sample once it’s been collected?

How A Blood Test Is Done? Learn Blood Test Procedure in Lab From This Short Pune Pathology Laboratory Tour

Pathology Lab Tour | What Happens To Your Blood Sample Once It's Been Collected?

Ever wonder what happens to your blood sample once it’s been collected? It’s sent “to the lab” for analysis, but what does that entail? This article will take you on step by step tour as a blood sample is processed. 

For every test, there is an appropriate sample that provides the best information for that test. In the laboratory, trained laboratorians use various methods to analyse your sample as determined by what types of tests you need to be performed.

Total Time: 1 day

Collecting Sample

What Happens To Your Blood Sample Once It's Been Collected?

Depending on the facility where you have your blood drawn, a doctor, nurse, phlebotomist, or other laboratorian, or another medical professional will draw your blood. In this picture, a phlebotomist has inserted a needle into a vein on the outer portion of the arm near the elbow.

When multiple tests are ordered, more than one tube of blood may be collected, and there is a specific order in which different collection tubes with special preservatives must be drawn.

Labeling The Blood Urine Sample

What Happens To Your Blood Sample Once It's Been Collected?

Once the blood is drawn, the tube is labeled. In many labs, the label may be pre-printed with the patient’s name and unique patient identification number, or a barcoded label carrying this information is used. It is essential that the person drawing the sample label the tube properly before leaving your side.

Registration, Documentation & Pre Processing

What Happens To Your Blood Sample Once It's Been Collected?

After the sample has been collected and labeled, it is transported to the lab to be logged in. Depending on the test needed and where you have the sample drawn, your blood may be simply transported to the lab where the analysis is performed or transported to a lab that specializes in a particular blood analysis.

Once the specimen arrives in the lab, however near or far away, your blood sample will be logged into the laboratory’s tracking system. The tube label contains all the information necessary to ensure that the sample is analyzed for the appropriate tests and the results are matched to your name.

Usually, a written or electronic requisition form listing not only your information but also your health practitioner’s name and address is sent with the sample so the results can be sent to the appropriate person.

Sample Processing

What Happens To Your Blood Sample Once It's Been Collected?

Depending upon the tests that have been ordered, your blood sample may be processed before it is analyzed. Most routine laboratory tests are performed on either plasma or serum. Plasma is the liquid portion of blood. It is separated from the cellular portion of blood by rapidly spinning the specimen in a centrifuge for several minutes. The plasma, which has a light yellow color, appears at the top of the tube, while the blood cells are at the bottom.

The serum is plasma that has been allowed to clot. It is prepared in the same way as plasma; however, the blood is collected into a tube with no anticoagulant. While spinning in the centrifuge, the clot moves with the cells to the bottom of the blood collection tube, leaving the serum on top.

If the test requires whole blood (e.g., a complete blood count), the sample can be analyzed directly without further processing.

Sample Testing

What Happens To Your Blood Sample Once It's Been Collected?

In most cases, an instrument, appropriately called a blood analyzer, analyzes the blood sample. In this picture, the tube of blood is being placed directly into the machine. This particular state-of-the-art analyzer is capable of running batches of samples — up to 120 samples per hour. In general, chemistry analyzers use the serum and/or plasma, and hematology and coagulation analyzers use blood that contains an anticoagulant to prevent clotting.

Test Reporting

What Happens To Your Blood Sample Once It's Been Collected?

With the latest technology in analyzers comes the ability to generate the results electronically and graphically. In this case, the results will be sent electronically to the patient and doctor. In many situations, results are printed and then emailed. If the results indicate that the patient may be very ill, the laboratory will call the doctor with the results and then send the written or electronic report.

The length of time between the drawing of the blood and when the patient or doctor gets the results can vary greatly, from as little as a few minutes to as much as several weeks.

Urgency, geographic distances, processing schedules, the complexity of the test, and other factors contribute to the length of time required before results are available to the health practitioner, who will then share the results with you, the patient.


  • Blood Collected Tube or Vail


  • Syringe, Blood Vials, Tourniquet, Cotton swab

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  • Do You Provide Sample Collection From Home For This Test?

    We provide a sample collection facility from home if your home location is in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad city limits and your total test amount (after any discount) is more than Rs999.00. There will only one visit for sample collection on a single booking and you can include many people in it. In some test, samples need to be collected twice or thrice or postprandial e.g. GTT, Blood Sugar PP, Insulin PP and we don’t provide home collection service for the 2nd visit. In such cases you are welcome to visit our lab to give 2nd specimen.

    Note: No sample collection facility from home for URINE or STOOL tests

  • Do I Need To Fast For This Test?

    Yes. You should be in 10-12hrs of overnight fasting before giving blood sample for this test Or follow your doctor prescription advice.

  • Do I Need To Fast For This Test?

    No. Overnight fasting not advised for this test. Please follow, If there is any special advice from your doctor for this test.

  • Do I Need Doctor Prescription To Book This Test?

    In most of the cases, we don’t ask for your doctor’s prescription or previous health history, but sometimes like i.g pregnancy, cancer, thrombophilia test, allergy, eye care test etc.. we may require doctor prescription. You can upload your doctor’s prescription where it asked on the test booking page or share it on our WhatsApp. Check the test details and FAQs available on each test page, before proceeding to book any lab tests for better understandings on specific test.

  • Do I Get My Report On Email And WhatsApp?

    You will surely get your report on your registered email id and we will also intimate you about your report delivery on SMS and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, because of security reasons, currently we do not share reports on the WhatsApp app Or Any Other Chat Apps.

  • Can I Pay At The Time Of Sample Collection?

    Yes. You are free to pay at the time of your specimen is collected using UPI, Debit/Credit Cards, Bank Transfer. In online test booking, if you would like to pay at the time of sample collection, just use UPI as a payment method while checkout. Just proceed with the checkout and leave the payment page. Once you did that, intimate us about your booking id on our WhatsApp or Call. We will manually update your payment request at the back-end. PLEASE BE NOTED THAT WE HAVE DISCONTINUED CASH PAYMENT.

  • Can I Book This Test Offline?

    Yes. You can book any tests or packages offline by calling us on +919766060629 or WhatsApp. We request all our patients to use online booking but also give an option for offline booking for those, are not comfortable with online booking. Please note the following points for offline test booking;

    • Discount won’t applicable for offline test booking
    • Home collection facility charges will apply for offline test booking (Rs80-Rs150 per visit)
    • Invoice won’t get for offline test booking. You can only avail for payment receipt.
    • Referral discount up to 25% won’t applicable for offline booking

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  • Any Discount You Offer For This Test?

    We offer a discount for online booking. Please click here for our ongoing discount offers. The discount will be auto-applied before you check out (if all discount conditions are met). This means you don’t have to input any coupons while checking out your test and just need to ensure your test and payment method are eligible for a discount. Don’t forget to sign up before your checkout to get the discount applied.

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