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Estrogen Test

The estradiol test measures the amount of the estrogen hormone present in your blood. It is also known as the E2 test. 

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Estradiol Test

The estradiol test measures the amount of the estrogen hormone present in your blood. It is also known as the E2 test. 

What is estradiol?

Estradiol (E2) is also spelt as oestradiol. A major female sex hormone, estradiol, is also an estrogen steroid hormone. Regulation of the oestrous and menstrual female reproductive cycles is its primary role.

Not only does Estradiol play a role in the development of female secondary sexual characteristics, but it also has an important part to play in the development and maintenance of female reproductive tissues. 

Produced by the follicles of the ovaries, Estradiol is a natural hormone and used as medicine in hormone replacement therapy.  

Symptoms of high estradiol level

High estrogen levels can cause

  • Decreased sex drive.
  • Irregular or otherwise abnormal menstrual periods.
  • Bloating 
  • Breast swelling and tenderness.
  • Fibrocystic breasts.
  • Headaches 
  • Mood swings 

Why do I need an estrogen test?

If there is a problem with the rate at which your female or male sex characteristics are growing, then your doctor may suggest an estrogen blood test

You may also need an E2 test if you have been experiencing the following;

  • abnormal menstrual periods
  • abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • infertility in women
  • The menstrual cycle abruptly stops
  • Menopause symptoms

The E2 test can also determine if you have an ovarian tumour. These symptoms may prompt your doctor to order an estradiol blood test. 

  • Bloating or swelling in your abdomen
  • trouble eating because of feeling full after eating a small amount of food
  • pain in your lower abdominal and pelvic area
  • weight loss
  • frequent urination

An estrogen blood test can also keep track of infertility treatments or if you are pregnant.

How do I prepare for an estradiol or E2 test?

Your doctor can let you know the certain factors that can affect estradiol levels. You may need to stop medications before you can take this test because certain medications can affect your result. 

Some medications that can affect your estradiol levels include:

  • birth control pills
  • estrogen therapy
  • glucocorticoids
  • Phenothiazines
  • Antibiotics, tetracycline (Panmycin) and ampicillin

The Estradiol levels are not constant throughout the day or cycle. You may need to get your Estradiol levels checked out on a specific day and time. 

What do estradiol test results mean?

15 to 350 pictograms per millilitre (pg/mL) is the Estradiol normal range. For women who have undergone menopause, normal levels should be below 10 pg/mL.

Estradiol levels that are higher than normal may suggest:

  • early puberty
  • tumours in the ovaries or testes
  • gynecomastia
  • hyperthyroidism
  • cirrhosis

Lower than normal levels of estradiol may suggest:

  • menopause
  • Turner syndrome
  • ovarian failure, or premature menopause
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) 
  • depleted estrogen production
  • hypopituitarism
  • hypogonadism

Estradiol or Estrogen Test


  • Overnight fasting is not required. Talk to your doctor before booking the test.
  • A doctor’s prescription may be required
  • A previous medical history may be required
  • Inform your doctor before the test and follow all of his/her advice. 

e2 Test

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