Blood Urea Test

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Blood Urea Test (Blood Urea Nitrogen/BUN)

Blood urea test is recommended to see how well the kidneys and liver are functioning in the body.

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Blood Urea Test

Urea is made when protein is broken down in your body. Urea is made in the liver and passed out of your body in the urine. The blood urea nitrogen level rises if the kidneys cannot remove urea from the blood normally. Heart failure, dehydration, or a diet high in protein can also increase the BUN level. Reduction of the blood urea nitrogen level may occur with liver disease or damage.

A blood creatinine test may be done along with a BUN test since the level of creatinine in the blood also shows the working of the kidneys.

What is the blood urea test (blood urea nitrogen test)?

The blood urea nitrogen test or commonly referred to as the bun test, is a diagnostic tool used to measure the amount of nitrogen in your bloodstream. The test is recommended to see how well the kidneys and liver are functioning in the body. When there are abnormalities in the kidney and the liver function, the bun level increases. The bun blood test can help diagnose kidney problems at an early stage, enhancing the chances of treatment.

Why does blood urea tested?

A BUN test is prescribed by a medical practitioner or a doctor to check if there is an anomaly in the functioning of the kidney and liver. The test is carried out to gain conclusive evidence if the patient is suffering from any of the below conditions.

  • Dehydration
  • Swelling in your arms, legs, or feet
  • Recurring fatigue
  • Needing to go to the bathroom (urinate) frequently or infrequently
  • Malnutrition
  • Urinary Tract Obstruction
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Congestive Heart Failure

Sometimes the BUN tests are also prescribed as a part of the health checks or also to gauge the effectiveness of dialysis treatment.

Blood urea nitrogen test with serum creatinine test

Sometimes, along with the BUN test, the doctor may also order for creatinine tests. It is nothing but waste from the muscles that filtered by the kidney. The BUN test is not a conclusive diagnostic test. Hence, when coupled with the creatinine test, it gives a clear picture of the kidney health. Ideally, the creatinine and BUN ratio should be between 10:1 to 20:1.

What are the BUN test result shows?

Apart from understanding what is urea nitrogen in the blood test, it is equally important to understand the results of the test. A typical bun test result will reveal low or high BUN levels if the kidneys are not functioning optimally. If the BUN levels are on the higher side, it implies problems in the kidney caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Low bun levels are caused by conditions like malnutrition or a diet low in proteins, etc. Any deviations from the normal bun levels should be immediately reported to the doctor.

Blood urea test conditions


  • Overnight fasting is not required
  • Doctor’s prescription may be needed
  • The test result may vary depending on age, sex and health history, etc.
  • Inform your doctor if you’ve been taking medicines or drugs, after which, he might ask you to stop. Certain medications can also increase or decrease the test result value.
  • Home visit service facility available only for total test cost of above ₹999.00

BUN Test

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