Bicarbonate Test

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Serum Bicarbonate Test

The bicarbonate test is useful in assessing various conditions that affect the blood bicarbonate levels like lung disease, kidney disorders and metabolic conditions.

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Bicarbonate Test

Bicarbonate Test or Bicarbonates (HCO3) are one of the most important anions or negatively charged particles found in human tissues. Bicarbonate test helps in determining the levels of these anions.

What is bicarbonate?

Bicarbonates are secreted into the digestive tract from stomach lining. They are found in each body fluid, as they play an important role in maintaining physiological and chemical balance within all body tissues. Bicarbonates prevent acidity of blood and other body fluids from increasing, thus maintaining an internal homeostasis. Bicarbonates also help in countering effects of lactic acid accumulation in muscles.

What is the bicarbonate test?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gaseous waste product from metabolism. The blood carries carbon dioxide to your lungs, where it is exhaled. Above 90% of it in your blood exists as bicarbonate (HCO3). The rest of it is dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2) or carbonic acid (H2CO3). Your kidneys and lungs balance the levels of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, and carbonic acid in the blood. This test measures the level of bicarbonate in a sample of blood from a vein.

Bicarbonate is a chemical that acts as a buffer. It keeps the pH of blood from becoming too acidic or too basic. Bicarbonate is not usually tested by itself. The test may be done on a blood sample taken from a vein as part of a panel of tests that looks at other electrolytes. These may include items such as sodium, potassium, and chloride. It can also be done as part of an arterial blood gas (ABG) test. For this blood gas study, the blood sample comes from an artery.

Reason to take the Bicarbonate (Hco3) test

Common symptoms observed are;

  • Water retention
  • Dehydration
  • Weakness
  • Confusion
  • Prolonged vomiting and respiratory distress

Why serum bicarbonate test advised?

Kidneys, lungs, digestive tract, are involved in the metabolism of bicarbonates. Disorders pertaining to these organs can be detected by performing bicarbonate test. Bicarbonates produced in the body are metabolized by kidneys and lungs. Diarrhea, respiratory acidosis, renal failure, lactic acidosis, ketoacidosis, are some conditions when a bicarbonate test may be required.

  • A bicarbonate test analyses the amount of bicarbonate in a person’s blood
  • It is ordered under specific requirements
  • A routine check or to detect any underlying chronic or acute illness
  • To diagnose an electrolyte imbalance
  • To check and asses the effectiveness of treatment for any present imbalances
  • To monitor conditions at regular or frequent intervals for various issues like kidney disease and hypertension
  • To analyze the body’s acid-base balance (pH)
  • It is also conducted in the Electrolyte panel with various tests like sodium, potassium and chloride test

Bicarbonate test result interpretations

High carbon dioxide (bicarbonate) levels may be caused by:

  • Vomiting, dehydration, blood transfusions, or overuse of medicines that contain bicarbonate
    (especially antacids).
  • Conditions such as anorexia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), fluid in the
    lungs (pulmonary edema), heart disease, Cushing’s disease, or Conn’s syndrome.

Low carbon dioxide (bicarbonate) levels may be caused by:

  • Hyperventilation, aspirin or alcohol overdose, diarrhea, dehydration, or severe malnutrition.
  • Liver or kidney disease, a massive heart attack, hyperthyroidism, or uncontrolled diabetes.


  • Overnight fasting is not mandatory but strictly follow your doctor’s advice on fasting
  • Doctor’s prescription may need
  • Previous medical history may require
  • Inform your doctor prior to the test if you are on medications

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