ANC Profile Panel 3

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ANC Profile Panel 3 Test

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ANC Profile Panel 3 Test

ANC (Ante Natal Care) Profile 3 is conducted to track, check, and examine the mother’s pregnancy including the wellbeing and development of the fetus (baby). It is also ordered to detect disorders like gestational diabetes and other problems occurring during pregnancy.

What is Antenatal Profile Comprehensive?

Pregnancy is an important phase in a women’s life and the health of the child is directly related to the health of the mother. The first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial period and requires a thorough evaluation. This package is unique since it tests the nutritional status and blood group of a pregnant female. It also screens for important infectious diseases like HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B in the pregnant female which can be transmitted from a mother to her child. Antenatal tests are important tools for protecting the health of a pregnant woman and her child. Antenatal Profile Comprehensive is performed in pregnant females to determine if the mother has any disease conditions that may interfere with the normal development of the fetus and thus helping in the identification of factors requiring special care.

Why is Antenatal Profile Comprehensive done?

  1. If you are pregnant usually during the first trimester
  2. If your doctor is suspecting that you are at high risk of infectious disordersdiabetes mellitus or thyroid diseases during pregnancy

ANC (Ante Natal Care) Profile 3 is a group of tests carried out in pregnant females. This profile helps to evaluate the general health of the female. The tests carried out in this profile are;

ANC profile blood test
  1. Blood Group
  2. Blood Glucose (Sugar) Random/Fasting
  3. HIV Rapid
  4. HBsAg Qualitative
  5. Anti HCV
  6. VDRL
  7. Complete Hemogram
  8. Complete Urine Routine
  9. T3T4TSH – Thyroid Test
  10. Rubella IgG & IgM
  11. Hb Electrophoresis
  12. SGPT
  13. Blood Urea
  14. Serum Creatinine

Antenatal Profile Comprehensive


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    This package is cheaper than any other lab in Pimpri

  2. Vivek Nair

    anc panel 3 covers everything that my doctor advised. they given free home service

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    excellent lab for blood tests

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