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Depression in Men: Why It’s often Overlooked?

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Depression in men is often overlooked because of the common misconception that depression is a “woman’s disease.” The vast majority of people suffering from depression are not just women, but men as well. The prevalence of depression in men is as high as 10% of the population and it’s important to recognize this issue.

Men who suffer from depression often need to be treated differently than women. Men typically respond better to treatments that involve physical activity and a sense of mastery over their lives. They are more likely to improve with these treatments than they are with psychotherapy alone, which is often considered the best treatment for women.

Depression in Men and Why It’s Important?

Depression in men is often overlooked and underestimated, but it’s a serious issue that can be deadly. Men are more likely to commit suicide than women and have higher rates of alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Besides the devastating physical effects of depression, mental health problems also have an economic impact on society.

Symptoms of depression can differ from men and women. Men also use unique coping skills. Brain chemistry, hormones, and unique life experiences may be responsible for this. Depression symptoms that are the same in both men and women include feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and sadness, extreme fatigue, difficulty in sleeping or sleeping too much, and not getting pleasure from activities usually enjoyed.

There are other signs, or behaviours, which could signal depression but are not as widely recognised. These include escapist behaviour, like spending too much time at work or on sports. Digestive problems, headaches, increased intake of alcohol, controlling violent or abusive behaviour could be symptoms of depression, reports

Symptoms of Depression in Men

Depression is a mood disorder in which the primary disturbance is in the mood of a person experiencing depression. The cardinal symptom of depression is therefore low mood, sadness, and feeling blue, along with a lot of weepiness for no simple reason. Some men, especially adolescent males, we can also expect to see a lot of irritability. Men can also experience anhedonia, which refers to a lack of interest or pleasure in things that were interesting or pleasurable.

Talking about the physical symptoms of depression which men shouldn’t ignore, that they may find it difficult to sleep and may experience a decrease in appetite followed by unintentional weight loss. They can also experience an increase in sleep and an increase in appetite and weight gain. These symptoms may also be accompanied by problems with decision making and concentration.

The situation gets worrisome when the person develops feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness. It is known as the cognitive triad of depression. The person basically sees no hope of things getting any better. If these symptoms stay for some time, then the person eventually feels that life is not worth living.

A young male who does not have any physical problems is unlikely to have a natural death. It is the painful thoughts that manifest in him, which are painful. The person feels that harming (or killing) himself will give a solution to the problems.

Significant impairment in personal functioning, inter-personal, or social functioning or your occupational functioning is when depression becomes a cause of concern and needs immediate attention. If these symptoms appear, the depression needs to be looked at as a medical illness. These are warning signs of depression.

6 Common Symptoms of Depression in Men

It is estimated that one in six men will experience depression in their lifetime, but many of them are choosing to ignore the problem. Depression is often seen as a “woman’s disease,” and men may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing it with anyone. It’s important to have an open dialogue about depression, and to understand the risks so that we can protect those around us who are struggling.

Some symptoms of depression are the same for men and women. These include:

  1. feeling sad, tearful, low, guilty, or empty
  2. losing enjoyment in pleasurable activities
  3. appetite or weight changes
  4. too little or too much sleep
  5. feeling agitated or tired
  6. having trouble concentrating

Not everyone with depression will experience these symptoms.

Some symptoms of depression are more likely to affect men than women, which could be because of genetic, hormonal, biochemical, or social factors.

Why Depression in Men Often Undiagnosed?

Depression is a mental illness that has been studied for decades. It affects people across the globe, and it does not discriminate. However, depression in men often goes unnoticed or untreated for a variety of reasons.

A doctor may also misdiagnose depression in men. Men may be more likely to report physical symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, than emotional changes. As a result, the doctor might give them the wrong diagnosis.

People may misinterpret common emotional or behavioral signs of depression in men. They may see anger as a personality trait instead of a sign of depression. They may also misunderstand the reasons for a person’s increased risk-taking behavior or substance use.

2013 study used criteria to adjust for the different ways in which men and women experience depression. The researchers found that depression was equally prevalent among both genders. Anyone who notices the emotional, behavioral, or physical changes that we have discussed in this article may experience depression. If this is the case, it is essential to see a doctor.

The doctor can help diagnose a person’s depression and give them the right treatment to feel better. Leaving depression untreated can harm a person’s well-being. Depression is a risk factor for suicide. Therefore, it is vital that a person with depression receive help as soon as possible.

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